Monday, June 29, 2009

"transform our hearts / into melodies"

I took Tai Chi in college, and sometimes, instead of doing the movements, the instructor would have us sit down and just follow our breath, to get us to focus. But she'd warn us.

It's very hard to get your body to focus if you're in pain.

Right now I'd love to be blogging, eating, sleeping, hell, even working. But I'm waiting. For a phone call. To tell me if someone that I care about is okay after an accident. It's very hard to focus. My excess energy goes into my right leg and bounces, shaking my chair along with it. I am waiting. I am waiting. I am waiting.

I listened to the new album by Great Northern on my drive into work this morning. It's fantastic. All of the songs on the album "Remind Me Where the Light Is" are fantastic, but right now I'm liking the song "Fingers." The lyrics start like this:

"Transform our hearts
Into melodies
and remove the parts
that know tragedy..."

I am waiting.


krista said...

ack. the waiting is the worst. i hope all is well...for you, for your heart, for the ones you worry over.
no more bad news.

drollgirl said...

oh god. i hope everything is going to be ok!!!! please hang in there. and i am keeping my fingers crossed that you get good news soon. hang in there!!!

tenure.track.mommy said...

I hope everything is okay. Give me a ring if you need to talk...I'm home 24/7 as always.

Phoenix said...

Thank you, guys!

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