Tuesday, June 30, 2009

please stow all weapons in the over head compartment

To get straight to the point, LAX has a couple of my knives.

One was a really nice blade, the other a Swiss army knife, and um. Yes. The butter knife incident. That last one was post 9-11. Security was not amused.

At any rate, I'm a knife kind of girl, what with it being in the family and all -- heard of the Bowie knife? Yeah. That's my family. I'm a Bowie. Jim Bowie was my first cousin about eight generations up, and my family is a strange and violent motley crew, so.... knives. I also like Escrima sticks and I'm getting better with a gun, but that's a different story. My nunchuck skills are also quite good. Nope, not joking.

So whenever I am about to go on a flight I go through this sort of disarming process with my backpack, laptop bag, and key chain, because I'm tired of airports taking my weapons and I think every time they confiscate one, there goes another check mark on my application for the No Fly List.

I am flying out tomorrow morning and will be in New Jersey for much of the time, and what was going to be more vacation-like has turned into a full-on support mission. (I am visiting the good, good friend of mine whose father dropped through a roof. See earlier blogs of panic and relief.) Meaning: I'm not going there to ensure I have a good time, I'm going as a supporter, healer, friend, and whatever else is needed. Luckily I'm good at this, and I'm honored to do it.

Posting will be light to non-existent depending on when I find time/wi-fi. Have a wonderful Fourth of July, don't blow off the fingers of yourself or your loved ones, I'll be back on Tuesday of next week and oh yeah:

"Let your caring change the face of everything..."
-- paraphrased from Charles Harper Webb


Mrs Anne said...

... i have a pink swiss army knife in my purse... can i be in the cool club?

:) adore you!

have a safe trip, good for you for being a good friend.

YOU have a LOVELY 4th too!

CVilleFieldNotes said...

I think it's pretty hot that you're into weaponry.
Just sayin'.

Jon Wells said...

I was gonna say you can usually get a composite knife though security, but you're likely fucked if you get caught so don't do that. Carry a cane. Anyone can get away with that. I have this one- http://www.coldsteel.com/citystick.html

drollgirl said...

i hope it goes well, and you are such a good friend to help out.

so you are a knife girl? we have a bunch of billy clubs in the house. no guns, and a few knives.

Lira Kellerman said...

we are on complete opposite schedules. so weird. call me when you're back home.

tenure.track.mommy said...

Have a very safe trip!!

Dionne said...

That is so cool that you have all these knives. I don't even have one! I would probably accidentally stab myself if I had one on me, I am that clumsy.

That's great that you are going to support your friend. I hope that things get better for her dad!

krista said...

okay, how hot are you with your weapon arsenal? seriously badass.

besides the fact that the best healer/supporters can use nunchucks. true story.
you're like a ninja. of support.

Burnt Reynolds said...

I have a real Bowie knife! So I have a piece of your family history. so cool.

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