Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lest someone out there think I am classy I sneezed on my Ipod.

Also, ponder this: I can eat anywhere, anytime, anything, and not spill a morsel on myself or my clothes. I had tacos in BED a couple nights ago and spilled not one crumb on my sheets. I have literally caught drinks in mid-air that other people have knocked off the table, placed the drink back on the table, and had not a drop on me, to the utter horror/amazement of friends.

Doing martial arts for 14 years gives you quick reflexes.

However. Doing martial arts for 14 years did NOT give me, as you might expect, oh, I don't know, GRACE, hand-eye coordination, or the ability to successfully negotiate a truce with gravity. As a result I continually walk into bed frames, fire hydrants, telephone poles, bang my head repeatedly getting into MY OWN DAMN CAR, trip over sidewalk cracks and occasionally miss stairs, and ah. Yes. The concussion of 2007 that I gave myself. After walking into a TREE.

So just in case anyone out there thought I was physically capable of walking more than five feet without running into something...wanted to clear up a few misconceptions there.

You're welcome.


Iva said...

so silly!

Miss Anne said...

... um... ask me about the time i sneezed while i had a crest white strip in my mouth... only to not be able to find it...

naturally it showed up on my coat sleeve and the bank teller noticed it.


i'm an idiot.

Gwen said...


I had to sneeze in the car one day. Not out of the normal scope right? WRONG!!! I was sitting in rush hour, sneezed so hard my head hit the steering wheel, honked the horn in the process and the guy next to me saw the entire episode.

We all have our "classy" moments.


Gwen said...

Oh...the movie JCVD is good. It's not what you would expect his movies to be. I was pleasantly surprised. You should definitely see it if you're a fan. :)

Burnt said...

that's not usually a gravity's a depth perception thing. Perhaps you should get your eyes checked.

Phoenix said...

Thanks, Amy. Very kind of you to point out. :)

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