Monday, June 29, 2009


Phew. Okay. Everyone take a deep breath with me. The father of a very good friend of mine (whom I am flying out to see this Wednesday, actually) fell through a roof, but I just got the phone call that he is okay with some minor trauma and injuries.

It's not the best ending ever but it certainly could have ended a lot worse. I am so grateful.

Thanks guys, for your support, love, crossed fingers, and general all-around awesome-ness. I really, really appreciate it.

much love,


Miss Sweet Tea said...

Thank goodness he's okay! Great news!

I did not have the and I discussed it, but it wasn't meant to be since we were both stuffed from our main courses! Next time though :)

Mrs Anne said...

I'm glad you got the good news that he's ok.

sending you an x and an o.


drollgirl said...

whew!!! i am so relieved. YAY!!

Phoenix said...

thank you!!!

Iva Messy said...

ohh GOOD!!! this IS good!!

Gwen said...

Thank goodness he's going to make it through. XOXO

Dionne said...

Wow - he fell through a roof? That's scary. Glad to hear that he sustained only minor injuries! Phew!

krista said...

good news is always good.

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