Wednesday, June 10, 2009

fun with coping mechanisms

This morning, I got a speeding ticket.

For going 61 mph in a 55 mph zone, while accelerating up a hill.

I asked the cop for a break, to which he replied, "We don't give breaks, because people have died on this street."

Which I understand, and respect, and I would never snark or be sarcastic about the dangers of driving recklessly. But I'm not quite sure that if I (or someone else) could have died going 61 mph, I, or someone else, would not have died going 55 mph.

It's just...if you've met me, or driven with me, I rarely speed. I've never received a speeding ticket before (probably because I don't speed. I'm the rare person who doesn't have to brake on the freeway when a cop comes up behind me, because I'm actually doing the speed limit.) I obey all traffic laws, I'm an incredibly safe driver, and when good drivers get tickets it makes them less supportive of obeying the laws in the first place, especially as I endure, on a daily basis, people tailgating me, cutting me off, and racing up and down that very same street at 80 mph, with no cops around.

I got home tonight, did two loads of dishes, scrubbed the oven and the kitchen floor, cleaned out the fridge, took out the recycling, and then re-organized the entire two cupboards of pots, pans, lids, and Tupperware. My coping mechanism is to clean, which I suppose is healthier than World Of Warcraft.

I feel better about my day. I'm still pissed about my ticket.


Miss Anne said...

Boooo on the speeding ticket.
I hear ya on the cleaning... i'm a mad cleaner, a sad cleaner, a coping cleaner.

Yay for your house being cleaner.

I can't believe the cop didnt let you by... :(

my apologies!


stewbottum said...

Chin up! You're an excellent driver. No reason to let just one speeding ticket dampen your day. And think about it this way - now your kitchen is spotless!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Oh man - the dreaded speeding ticket! I can't believe you've never had one before!!! At least your house is clean now...HA! Hope your weekend is great!

Elle said...

I bet if you contested it in court, the police officer wouldn't show, because you were going only 61, and the judge would have to throw it out. And if he did show, all you have to do is point out your traffic history, how you were still safely driving with the speed of traffic, and that the officer is seriously a douche for pulling you over.
What a bastardo.

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