Wednesday, June 3, 2009

budget suck.

Well, boo. Under Governor Schwarzenegger's proposed budget cuts, over 200 national parks might close in California, and not only does that seriously crimp my verb-ing style, it just downright sucks. Those national parks need all the money they can get, and some financial expert-like people are saying that it could take up to a decade for some of these national parks to recover from the temporary closures.

Here's a partial list of which parks would close in Los Angeles, including my beloved Point Mugu in Malibu, which has one of The.Most.Gorgeous hikes you could dream of:

1. Leo Carrillo State Park.

2. Los Angeles State Historic Park.

3. Los Encinos State Historic Park.

4. Malibu Creek State Park.

5. Malibu Lagoon State Beach.

6. Pio Pico State Historic Park.

7. Point Mugu State Park.

8. Rio de Los Angeles State Park.

9. Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach.

10. Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park.

11. Topanga State Park.

12. Verdugo Mountains.

13. Will Rogers State Historic Park

and the rest of the 220 parks can be found here. A more thorough explanation of the proposal can also be found here.

Boo. :(


krista said...

know what's also going?
healthy families.
which is health insurance for children.
double boo.

Phoenix said...

That's so awful :(

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