Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Not that I'm complaining about it not being 113 degrees in the valley, but where oh where did my hammock/picnic/blowing bubbles in the sunshine weather go?

(By the way, when I post in a few weeks about how hot it is and where did the cool spring temperatures go, I give you permission to [verbally and politely] smack me in the face.)

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, eh?

(photo credit: I got it here)


Miss Anne said...

i know, right?

just when i have some time to kick back by the pool

this cloudy shit comes about.

not impressed, mutha nature.

Phoenix said...


Iva said...

HEY! THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for your comment! (I'm glad that crazy giveaway is in the past!! )

Gwen said...

I said the same thing this morning. And then today at lunch when I was hit with a mini monsoon getting out of my car and then shivered for an hour after. Mother Nature is playing tricks on all of us!! XOXO

krista said...

you'll wake summer.
i like her best when she's sleeping.

Phoenix said...

oooh, good call, Krista...

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