Monday, June 8, 2009

random Monday musings

Hey guys!

Guess where I went for my birthday this weekend. No, guess. If you guessed Disneyland, you're The Awesome! (also, The Perceptive, as the pic to the right is me.)

And I had SO much fun. I took a Disney newbie with me (always the best) and we did 17 rides. I know, right? I didn't even know Disneyland HAD 17 rides working at the same time. The crowds were great, the food was super, the children throwing temper tantrums in the middle of Toon Town were minimal, and it wasn't too hot or too cold. Perfect.

ALSO: I got a writing gig. I am BEYOND excited. I applied for a position at the Los Angeles Examiner (it's a blog site that encourages people who know a lot about a topic to write weekly articles on that subject) and I got tapped to be the ::clears throat, ahem::

LA Actor's Life Examiner!!!!

People, I am so excited. I love writing, I love acting, I love life, and I love blogging about all of it. I will probably start writing my articles by the end of this week, so look for a weekly smattering of links to some of my articles that give acting tips, advice, and takes you through the day to day journey of what it means to be an actor in Los Angeles. I am going to have so much fun.

Here's another thought, and not all of you will be on board with me for this one: I know I am truly comfortable in a place, and I finally feel like it's mine, when I get the urge to clean it. Weird, right? Does anyone else do that? Several months ago I moved into a new apartment and it didn't quite feel like my space yet. It took me a few weeks to finally get acclimated and want to clean and organize and make the place mine, and now my bookshelves look nifty and my bathroom is freakin' awesome and I make my bed everyday.

Today, I showed up to the job I've had for the past couple months, took a look at my desk, and I wanted to clean it and re-organize it and make it mine. So I did, and as I sprayed that CO2 onto my keyboard (so odd, it gets colder the more you use it) I felt a sense of peace and accomplishment. Do you guys get that after a good cleaning too?

At any rate, I had a fantastic birthday, a super wonderful weekend, I'm looking forward to my new little side gig of blogging about the trials and triumphs of being an actor in L.A., and my keyboard looks shiny and new. And with that, I leave you dreamers and cloud-watchers with one of my favorite new photography websites.

Happy Monday, everyone :)


krista said...

YAY! i'm so excited to see your new column...
you're a columnist!
oh, and i rearrange and reorganize and clean my house frequently. bryan says it's about once a month. hmmm...

Phoenix said...

lol hey, whatever keeps peace in the home... :)

Elle said...

That's so awesome! YAY!!!! Congrats! And post links!!!

Jon said...

Amazing, congrats :)

AJ said...

Congratulations on your new gig!

Phoenix said...

thanks, guys!

Miss Anne said...

*CONGRATS* on the writing gig!
Happiest happy B-day to YOU!

I'm so happy for you!

p.s. i'm a disneyland virgin!

someday... someday!

Ann ODyne said...

Disneyland would have to be one of the top 5 places to be on your a birthday.
Nobody ever mentions what a wonderful GARDEN it is - check the trees for a start.
So you are a gemini - the double persona sign. Two lives, self and performance; two occupations actor/photographer, two locations LA-NYC.

Diane Keaton loves photography too. She has books of her own, and one edited of old Hollywood photos.
best wishes

Can I commend to you a New York based photojournalist Jez Coulsen I just love him and his view of New York.

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