Thursday, June 25, 2009

life equations

now this is my kind of math! If you had a life equation, what would it be? Feel free to get as creative/snarky/sarcastic/cutesy as you want. I welcome all types, except religious fanatics.

tracy - sleep = cranky

tracy - sleep + caffeine = spazz

tracy - sleep + caffeine - food = completely useless

tracy + chocolate = yes

tracy + sleep + chocolate + hammock + root beer = hells yes

tracy + kitten - kitten scratches = :)!

Now you try.


Gwen said...

So cute. Today mine would look something like this...

Gwen + Shopping + Nail Polish - Stupid People - Long Ass Trains = Great Lunch Hour

Phoenix said...


Iva said...

OMG you are always so funny

Iva - sleep + two little ones under 2+ diaper explosion - extra diapers in the house = a serious mess.

does that work? lol

Miss Anne said...

anne + tracy's blog= :)

drollgirl said...

me + sex + food + sleep + good times = somewhat tolerable

krista said...

i'll do this morning's list:

me + baby - pants + one high heel + almond milk + 4 puzzle pieces - puzzle itself + banana + clapping + dancing = just another friday morning

Jon said...

I did something like this a while ago, but ironically it was a major failure =

'My mood drops inversely proportional to the number of minutes which have passed since midnight.

Base mood (x) * (1/current time-midnight) = current mood (y)

Alternately my depression increases proportional to the same

depression = x * (current time - midnight)

so x = (current time - midnight)/(depression) ;

(current time-midnight)/(depression) * (1/current time-midnight) = y

y = 1/depression.

Fuck, that doesn't make any sense.

Hmm... Turns out the more I realize I suck at math the more depressed I get as well. Figures.'

Phoenix said...

LOL Jon! Oh, and ::hugs::

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