Tuesday, June 16, 2009

18 hour day of OOF

Hey everyone!

So I didn't get a chance to blog at all yesterday, as my alarm clock went off at 4:45 AM (yep, you read that correctly) so I could take my bestest friend in the whole wide world (you can call her Alyssa) to LAX so she could catch a 7:30 international flight.


Then I headed straight to work, worked until 4, and headed out to Santa Monica to do a freelance gig until 7. Ate dinner in my car, came home, fell asleep on my bed from 9:30 to 10:30, woke up, did some chores around the house that I was supposed to do earlier, then dropped back into bed like a sack of potatoes.

And then lay awake. For over an hour. Ever have that -- your body is exhausted but your mind just won't shut up? I have that, oh, almost every night. And then when I do fall asleep I don't have very good dreams most of the time. I think it's anxiety, whether from past, present, or future events, playing itself out in my sleep. Either way -- do NOT appreciate.

Anyways, some thoughts, questions, and the best lemonade stand I've ever heard of for y'all before I sign off:

Either my brother also reads my blog or it was just plain serendipity, because my mom called and said that not only had my brother found the chair hammock I recently blogged about in her garage, but that he'd brought it over to my aunt's so I could pick it up. I'm thinking about hanging it on my balcony and lounging in it while reading and sipping lemonade.

Summer drinks. I love cool, refreshing, fruity drinks -- but I don't drink alcohol, so about 95% of these recipes I can't use and have no idea what to substitute instead of booze. Ideas, tips, or recipes, anyone? At any rate, enjoy the link -- it's 50 cool summer drinks, all of which look amazing.

Also: I love buying things intended for the kitchen and using them someplace else. I have a pots and pans rack from IKEA mounted above my bed that holds all my necklaces and pretty picture frames and cards I get in the mail, and I just found these at Sur La Table and instead of using them to identify summer drinks, I will be labeling each one in chalk (I'm thinking DREAM, LOVE, and BREATHE) and hanging them on a wall somewhere. I'll share pictures, I promise.

Finally, as I'm noticing an accidental lemonade theme here for my blog post (when life throws lemons at you for 18 hours straight, make alcoholic lemonade while buying things at Ikea?) so I leave you with this amazing virtual lemonade stand -- it's the cutest idea in the world from a kid whose heart is in the most amazing place.

Happy Tuesday, guys!

photo credit: I got it here


Mrs Anne said...

love your post... you're a busy little bee!

i LOVE the ikea pots and pans shelf idea for in another room.... I'd love to put something like this in my office :)

and that lemonade stand? ADORABLE!


Patricia said...

Im sorry that i've taken so long to anser the comment you left on my blog..I have to say I find Your blog extremely interesting and witty :P
Btw..I Love lemonadeeee :)

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