Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Tuesday musings

Ok, so to follow up on a couple things I've put out there in the past few days:

a) apparently you CAN hide yourself on Facebook, you just click "Offline" on the chat section. Sorry guys, I'm a little technology-challenged (I once turned my cell phone French by hitting, oh, TWO buttons and then obviously couldn't change it back because all my menu options were then IN FRENCH) so I'm a little slow on the trends. Hey, did you guys know there are cellphones out there that can take pictures?! And check email? Holy crap... :)

b) I have to say the debate is still-ongoing with the whole "Do I wear the t-shirt of the band to its own concert" issue. Not world-changing stuff, mind you, but hey, world peace has to start somewhere, and it might as well begin with us agreeing on the little things. Ban Ki-moon, take note. And hire me.

Krista has a good point that we Californians try to be as obscure and random as possible to thus make us even cooler - and I think Stewbottum gets to the source of it pretty quickly as well -- it all started off as TEAM pride, with music being the default (and Gwen noted, quite correctly, that the two are totally different.) I'm totally with Drollgirl about getting annoyed at the little trendsters who show up to concerts these days, and Des, I like to think that musicians appreciate fans no matter what they're wearing!

I think Celia summed it up best as "who cares how long I've been a fan?" -- people should be way less interested in what others are doing and just freakin' get out there and enjoy being who they are, regardless of what anyone else thinks. (Celia - I'm from Merrimack, just outside Nashua, by the way...and I'm totally jealous you got quality-Krista time). Both AJ and Jenn pointed out that this isn't necessarily an issue separated just by coasts (gah! An entire country seized in a concert t-shirt epidemic!), and Archana gets some serious cool points for naming the correct movie (Empire Records) that I quoted, but I gotta say, Archana -- the best concerts I've been to (and Flogging Molly is definitely one of these), the bands played their music much longer, louder, and insanely better than off their albums. If I go see a band that plays exactly how they sound on their CD, why did I bother...and believe me, I've seen my fair share of bands who do exactly that...and sometimes even worse. But when Green Day invites people to come up from the audience to play their instruments for them, or James Hetfield and Lars do drum battles at their Metallica concerts, or Flogging Molly riffs for 15 minute sessions...damn is it worth the price of that ticket...and maybe a few obnoxious tweens and some drunk idiots here and there.

I think we can probably concede, much as Shanna Suburbia pointed out, that wearing an older t-shirt from the band isn't quite as bad, and I think Jo, Sarah Alaoui, Iva, and Wine and Words are still making up their minds either way. As for you, Mildly Sensational... yes, I was totally going off of the movie PCU, and I love you too. :)

With that wrapped up, I can now move on to the two most interesting things that happened yesterday (besides the fact that I finally got to hang out with a wonderful girl last night for the first time in eons) by letting you all know that yesterday, while waiting in line at the bank, I was hit on by a blond guy named Hudson. In front of his mother.

Yes, Hudson and his mom were waiting just in front of me and he suddenly turned around, flashed me the most adorable smile I've seen on a guy in quite some time, and proudly announced that at home he had a rock and it was his and not mine.

Hudson was probably 3 and 1/2 years old.

At which point, his mom turned around, took one look at me and then Hudson, rolled her eyes and replied, "He's gonna be a big flirt."

At which point I'M thinking, Yes! I still got it!

And in the flirt/unexpected love department, approximately twice a year my cat Mocha (yes, occasionally she guest blogs on here) decides that she adores me and wants to be my pet. So late last night, after getting myself tucked into bed, she crawled all the way up the covers (she usually stays down by the foot of the bed), head-butted me to let me know that she now owned me, then curled up against my stomach and fell fast asleep. And it wasn't even cold in the apartment.

I think my jaw dropped. Here I was, thinking I was just an indentured servant for her...turns out she actually likes me once in a blue moon!

I hope you all are having lovely Tuesdays and that you enjoyed the Great T-Shirt Debate as much as I did. I loved hearing from all of you and I'll try to pose some more controversial questions in the future...like, is it okay to put salt on food that someone just cooked for you? That's always a touchy one... :)


drollgirl said...

your cat is not affectionate all the time?!??!?! wow! well, i guess when your kitty shows you love you know it is FOR REAL!

p.s. wearing my motorhead shirt today.
KIDDING. i wish. :)

Annie said...

haha, i always have myself "hidden" on facebook! ;)

krista said...

ah, yes, the great 'salt' debate. i know celia will weigh in on this one.

Riff Dog said...

I like to think that musicians appreciate fans no matter what they're wearing!

Absolutely. Although a top that can be pulled up for a "flash" is always nice. ;-)

Celia said...

yes, yes!! i WILL NOT eat bland food! and if you are serving me bland food and don't like the fact that i'm adding salt so as to not feel like i'm eating a plate of cardboard, then you should consider that a personal problem. seriously people, cook with salt, and i won't have to do the dirty deed!

Laura said...

I am all for expression! no worries :) I was just poking fun at the over-use of those words but I'm lovin the blog. Keep em coming :)

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