Monday, August 10, 2009

doing my best impression of a hamster

Okay. So. Yeah.

I didn't blog for a week. Every time I felt the itch to, it was sort of squashed by this resounding feeling of BLECH.

Ever have those weeks? You feel like you're spinning so fast, just trying to keep up, and then you look down and realize you've gotten nowhere? Yeah... me too. Hence the hamster wheel image.

So this past week I was super-sensitive and let just about everything get under my skin, and while I'm aware that it might just be my time of the month (yes, I went there) it certainly doesn't make it feel any better. On top of it all I got really self-protective, sort of like a five year old, but with a bigger vocabulary to scare people off lest they push me to, oh I don't know, talk about my feelings.


At any rate, I'm feeling slightly less hyper-sensitive and wanted to jump back into the blog headfirst, so here's some things I meant to catch you guys up on last week when I wasn't sobbing into my pillow over Extreme Home Makeover. Or a tire commercial.

Print Ad shoot

....was amazing. I got to play with three different dogs (Sadie, Sequel, and Riot) for almost ten hours while the photographers snapped away. I worked with Sadie, a six month old basset hound of adorableness, for a good part of the morning, then we broke for lunch, and then I got to romp around in a park with Sequel and Riot (Sequel was a shepherd mix, Riot looked like a mop with puppy dog eyes attached) for the better part of the afternoon. I got to play fetch and tug of war with Sequel and then I got to just hold Riot and let her lick My.Entire.Face (the makeup people freaked) for a good couple hours -- in fact, there was a point when I opened my mouth to say something to the photographers, Riot actually got her tongue INTO MY MOUTH, and that's how I end up Twittering "I just got to second base with a dog", just in case anyone was wondering. Wanted to clear that up.

The print ads should be appearing in the fall in a major pet store, I'll let you know when I do (I can't say the store's name right now, sorry, guys...) and I'm really really grateful that I got to spend such a great day with awesome people (and animals). I even won over the animal trainers, who by the end were saying, "You're a good girl, who's a good girl?!" ME. I took it as a compliment.

My web-series

...Hell Froze Over (for those who don't know, I plugged it relentlessly six months ago when I had about five followers) just got accepted into its first festival! That's right, Hell Froze Over (and yours truly) will be appearing as one of the 37 Official Selections in the New York Television Festival, which is a huge deal, considering this is where the television show Fringe originally appeared. It's a great place for people to network and sell their tv and web-series pilots, so keep your fingers crossed that we get some funding and maybe a second season out of all this wonderfulness.

and finally, over the weekend I went and saw:

...just go see it. It'll make you want to a) cook more, b) blog more, and c) never, ever give up. Also, Meryl Streep is a goddess.


krista said...

i want to have lunch with meryl streep. but i want her to ask me.

Shanna Suburbia said...

Isn't kissing technically first base? Or are you considering french-kissing to be second base?

Anyhow, it's nice to see you back and hear about your doggy adventures!

jenn said...

aww your life is infinitely more exciting than mine. can i even say how jealous i am? the only thing i do photo shoots with is...well. no one. :) can't wait to see the ads and congrats on your short film!! also - glad to hear you liked julie & julia. i really want to see it!!

Iva Messy said...

LOL!! omg I can't wait to see that with the doggies!! WOOHOO!! lol thats hilarious :) I am want to see Julie & Julia! :)

Dionne said...

Yeah, I know how you feel about those "bleh days". Ugh!

LoL about the dog makeout sesh, hehehehe.

Ooooh I am excited to go check out your series! How exciting, and congrats!

And I too want to see J & J. Cooking and Meryl, what an awesome combo.

drollgirl said...

oh man, super things are happening for you!

the dog shoot sounds like the best gig ever!!! hell, i'd do it for free and without the camera crew and makeup! it is just fab to hang out with super dogs.

and so exciting about the other news. man, you are a house on fire!

Dionne said...

OMG, I just watched a bunch of them - HILARIOUS! Mystery Man, and The Stalker are my faves!

Anonymous said...

This post is very relatable. I think we've all had difficult weeks, months, and sometimes years. And congratulations on the work that you've completed.

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