Tuesday, March 24, 2009

if my cat could blog

7:30 AM: Sleep

8:30 AM: Sleep

9:15 AM: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT NOISE nevermind, back to sleep

10:30 AM: Sleep

11:30 AM: Eat. This is, as you all are well aware, quite exhausting, so I think I need another nap so as to not over-exert myself.

12:30 PM: Sleep

1:30 PM: Explore apartment. Lately I've been thinking about Dostoevsky's theory of Extraordinary Man. Was Raskolnikov truly an Extraordinary Man as he imagined, or did the subsequent murdering of his landlady prove that he OOOH SUN PATCH.

1:31 PM: Sleep. In sun patch.

2:30 PM: Sleep.

3:30 PM: Eat. Use cat box, making sure to miss half of the cat box, then spread litter in surrounding areas of cat box, then track litter throughout apartment just to get my point across. I am displeased about something, but I forget what.

4:30 PM: Sleep.

5:30 PM: Oh. You're home.

6:30 PM: Papers! I love papers! When you put them in carefully organized piles on the floor they are so very fun to lie on!!

7:30 PM: I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU what are you cooking for dinner by the way?

8:30 PM: I hate you.

9:30 PM: I still hate you.

10:30 PM: Ah, belly rub. I love you NOW I HATE YOU AGAIN.

11:30 PM: Wait, you're going to sleep NOW? But all this STUFF is happening.

12:30 AM: Sleep.

1:30 AM: Sleep.



Lira Kellerman said...

Yes, Dostoevsky certainly had a point with his entire extraordinary man theory, which was quite fun when dissecting the main characters arc while oooooh! yarn!

popebabylon said...

I think you forgot...

5:00 PM: Sneak out into apartment and stare menacingly at that Peter-creature until he... WAIT... IT'S LOOKING AT ME... OMG, IT GOT UP... IT'S APPROACHING... RUN! HIDE!

5:02 PM: Sleep

Kristy said...


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