Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top 10 best things about being a female

Here we are, folks. Having received love, a few complaints, and a few laughs from my Top 1o Worst Things About Being a Female post, I revel now in writing about how truly, truly awesome it is to be a female most of the time. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I am off to an early start this weekend, and I hope you guys have some fantastic stuff planned. I've got a movie to catch tonight with friends I haven't seen in a while, a wedding to attend Saturday night, some butterflies to visit at the Natural History Museum on Sunday afternoon, and a lot of other fun stuff in between...and I'll hopefully have some pictures to share on Monday. So have a great weekend and enjoy reading all about the other side of being a woman. :)

1) I wouldn't trade my ability to multitask for just about anything. Good lord can women Get.Stuff.DONE.

2) Women can actually look GOOD in skinny jeans. Men, don't try this in public. Or at home. Hell, just don't try it at all.

3) In the wintertime, we can cheat and not shave as much. If guys don't shave, everyone notices. And while we're on the subject, can I get another amen that women don't have to put sharp blades near their THROATS in order to look respectable?

4) Unless a male is 150% sure that his opinion is correct, if he is arguing with a woman, he is wrong.

5) Women have more freedom to be emotional - and I'm not just talking stereotypes about PMS or crying to get out of speeding tickets. I'm saying that when a woman tears up during an amazingly inspirational speech or historic moment or highly emotionally charged event, she is called proud and fierce and strong and connected. If a guy tears up, how is it fair that society then deems him a wimp? Why is it that strong men are not allowed to cry?

6) Our secret weapons: little black dress, knee high boots, kick ass red lipstick, leather jacket.

7) People are a lot more forgiving of women who show up to the beach wearing very little clothing than they are of men who attempt the same thing.

8) The amazing networks of support that women create for each other, as my friend Lira pointed out in my last post. When the chips are down, we females can rally and hold each other up and there isn't a single force in the universe that is strong enough to break us.

9) Say what you will, agree or disagree: giving birth is an honor, a gift, something unique and special, that only women can do. Do not let yourself live in a culture that would paint you as weaker than a man for your ability to give life to another human being.

10) Amelia Earhart. Louisa May Alcott. The Bronte sisters. The U.S. Women's Hockey team. Maya Angelou. Jane Austen. Susan B. Anthony. Mia Hamm. Helen Keller. Rosa Parks. Clara Barton. Ella Fitzgerald. Harper Lee. Florence Nightingale. Eleanor Roosevelt. Sandra Day O'Connor.

And because I'm a cheater:

11) Being a lady. Remember what I said in #9, about not letting yourself live in a culture that would paint you as weaker than a man for your ability to give birth? Yeah. Add on to that this thought: do not let yourself live in a society that would tell you that in order to be a cool woman, you have to act like a man. We can be just as much fun as the guys and still be apologetically and unabashedly female, if we so choose.

12) One of the most powerful forces in this universe, something so incredibly commanding and intimidating that many grown men are terrified of it, religions have been created to undermine it, cultures and societies around the world strive to control it and crush it because of its dynamism and potency: a woman's sexuality.

Claim yours, use it wisely, and never, ever, EVER, let someone make you feel ashamed of your sexuality or tell you that it doesn't make you powerful.

Of course it does. That's the whole point.


Dave said...

Strong men cry....they just don't get caught.

Dionne said...

Hahaha about the crying. So true!

And the shaving - yessss! I love how we can do that! Power to us!

Radical Bradacal said...

I think I like #11 and #12 the best. Is that bad? I love you.

Lira said...

Yay for this post.

And let me add Margaret Sanger to the list of amazing women. She pioneered family planning and birth control for us!

Shanna Suburbia said...

Femininity is definitely a big perk... Guys can't get away with enjoying soft, sentimental stuff without someone giving them a hard time for not being manly. But for a gal, it's just how we are. Society accepts our love and enjoyable of things that are cute, fuzzy, pretty, fashionable, sentimental, or chocolate without question.

Kris said...

These are great. Love the multi-tasking and that we are always right! haha

Jenn said...

very cute! :) and i'm soooo with you on the skinny jeans.

Gwen said...

I love your list!!! There are definitely more reasons to love being a woman than not. :) XOXO

Kristin Quinn said...

Yes!! I love the secret weapon.

Miss Anne said...

SUPRISE for you! (go check my blog! and email me at

yay YOU!

drollgirl said...

yayuh!!! i'd never want to be a guy. womanhood isn't always easy, but i'm still down with it. :)

Riff Dog said...

I promise not to wear skinny jeans. ;-)

And you're absolutely right about a woman taking power over her sexuality.

Organic Meatbag said...

I, of course, already knew that Men are wrong most of the time...God knows I Wife has made that perfectly clear...hahaha!

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