Sunday, March 29, 2009

I didn't think anyone was afraid of ladybugs...

...but apparently, I was wrong. Brooke is.

Yes, folks, it's that time of week again. That time when I talk up the latest episode of Hell Froze Over (we only have two left after this one airs on Monday. TWO! Call your in-laws and tell them about the web-series! And then don't apologize to them until Thanksgiving!) and I tell you how much fun I had working with such awesome actors and writers and directors and that we shot half of it in New York where I was busy drooling over how beautiful the city was in the autumn and then shot the other half in LA where I was super grateful I wasn't buried in eight feet of snow back in NY. I really got the best of both worlds with our shooting schedule for Season 1. I'm hoping Season 2 (everyone still has their fingers crossed, right? Because remember...I CAN SEE YOU) will have just as peachy a shooting schedule and that Misplaced Planet will have lined up even more wonderful and talented people for me to act with. It IS their full-time job.

Speaking of wonderful and talented, my partner in crime (literally, I think, based on how you view it) for this HFO episode entitled Drama Queen, is Mark. Ah, Mark. Mark is funny, wonderfully kind, has the same shoe size as me, cooks Swedish pancakes like no one else I've ever met (possibly because I've never met anyone who cooks Swedish pancakes before) and does a damn good Charlie Chaplin impersonation. Yes, check out this project from some of the other people involved in Misplaced Planet (apparently they do other stuff besides just find me cool actors to work with) because a) it's freakin' awesome, b) you will recognize the actor playing the villain as Teddy, the man who can't hold his own (pardon the pun) during the Threesome episode of Hell Froze Over, and c) it's got zombies. Who doesn't love zombies? Ask Austin, Texas.

So yes, Mark plays a Drama Queen who's a little too dark, even for Jody, we see Brooke's deepest fears manifest itself in a delightfully odd phobia of ladybugs, and we see Jody...stay Jody. Which would be saying a lot, except I don't know exactly what that says. Because Jody is just kind of...Jody.

Speaking of Jody, you can always check out her blog here and read her takes on the dates. Right now the blog is only up to her version of what happened in the Stalker episode, but look for more "Jody's point of view" blogs in the next couple days, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Getting into character as Jody used to be a bit more of a struggle, and now I find, especially when I blog as her, that it's become almost natural. Oh wait. That's not a good thing.

Have a wonderful week, make sure to tell your friends, enemies, and those whom you haven't yet labeled as either in your life about the web-series. It's grown, and still continues to grow, because of you guys spreading the word about what you like and find funny. And if you don't like Hell Froze Over... tell people to check out a web-series you DON'T like! It's just like when you eat bad food and you go, "Ew, this is awful, HERE TRY SOME." That's what we want to get people to do!!!


PS after you watch the episode, let me know if you can see the part where Mark actually makes himself bleed. All for the love of drama, so to speak. :)

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Pattie said...

I actually oddly know lots of people who are afraid of lady bugs it is kind of weird but funny lol

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