Monday, March 23, 2009

The HFO episode that ruined jello for me for at least a month now airing. It's called "Prude," and we find our dear Jody trying so hard to survive on a date with a guy who seems to be fairly old fashioned about what should and shouldn't turn people on. And when Jody challenges him, he the worst way possible. Let's just say that things get messy, and Jody is probably never allowed to borrow clothes from Brooke again.

This was one of the LA episodes that we shot a few months back, and honestly, I know I say this about all my co-stars, but I just adored Matt, my prudish date. How can someone be so adorable in so many ways? I don't know either. But he is. And he's hysterical and totally sweet in person too. Where does Misplaced Planet find these people again?

So enjoy the episode, and as usual, let me know what you think. It's not everyday I get to eat bowls and bowls full of jello on set (ugh) and then handle, ahem, raw meat... and then get covered in....well, just watch the episode; again, I don't really recommend watching it at work. But aren't the episodes not safe for work the BEST episodes?


And on a completely unrelated note, I became a member of Greenpeace on Saturday afternoon, not because I completely agree or disagree with their agenda but because the recruiter on the street came up with the best pitch line I've ever heard and I am nothing if not a sucker for good marketing.

Leaving my favorite Cuban bakery with a potato sandwich (it's delicious!) and a strawberry smoothie, feeling good about my life and wearing my Batman t-shirt with pride (I'll put it up as my new profile picture in a day or so, so you can see!) the Greenpeace recruiter on the street called after me, "Batman was a member of Greenpeace!" And I had to laugh. And then support the cause.

Now would this work with every cause and every recruiter? Probably not. I will probably not join the Merchant Marines because somebody told me Batman did it. But I'd been meaning to help out those polar bears anyways, so I signed up and made someone's day.

And finally, I wanted to thank my friend Kenny in Boston (hi Kenny!) for making me the best damn mix CD I've heard in a quite a while. All the tracks on the two cds he made me are wonderful, but I am especially enjoying Michael Buble's "Feelin' Good", and have been playing it on steady repeat in my car for a few days now. And when your life is changing, as mine is, in both good ways and bad, when you're not quite sure if you're going to make it through another day without the rug getting pulled out from under you yet again and you feel a little defeated, play this song loudly, and let your heart sing along.

It's a new day.

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