Monday, March 2, 2009

extras, publicity, feedback, and new episode up!


So this weekend kicked my butt, sorry to say, which means the "how much can you NOT wait to watch Monday's episode of Hell Froze Over?!" blog that usually happens on Fridays is instead happening today. But if I'm correct, you're reading this at work, it's almost, wait. Don't watch this week's episode at work. :)

First and foremost, more publicity to share: and also, drum roll please.....

We got our first hate mail!!!

I am beyond excited. An irate viewer demanded the five minutes of his life back that he spent watching a HFO episode by spending ten minutes writing an email to the creators of a web-series that has no idea who he is, will never meet him, and probably won't stay up late losing much sleep over his opinion. People, do you love irony as much as I do? I certainly hope so. And my only response is not nearly as clever or awesome as this cartoon, so I'll just let it speak for itself :)

Before I get into this week's new episode (which a lot of people think is one of the funniest so far) I will point out that if you haven't checked the behind-the-scenes section lately, you might want to do that first...because there's another post-date interview that I think you'll enjoy -- it's post-"Threesome", and both Ben (Teddy) and Kristin (Helen) crack me up. And yes, I finally get a hold of that Magic Victoria's Secret wind-fan to show to the audience. Stupid fan. Check out the link here.

Also, Jody's blog is still underway and you should get to read some new blogs about her dates with Whiskey and Mustache by the end of the week. Again, the Oof happened this weekend, so I'm a little behind...but I think the blogs are worth the wait, in my humble opinion. (What am I saying? My opinion is never humble!) If you aren't caught up on her blogs, you can click here and read all about the crappy, crappy dates that lead up to that very first date with Whiskey.

And finally, finally.... the "Stalker" episode. Ah, yes. World, meet Larry. Larry, allow me to introduce you to the rest of the world...a world that doesn't usually use spycameras, attack their dates, or keep their dirty bras. Larry needs some socialization training. And possibly a puppy. And a good long hug. And a girlfriend. And Jody, of course, decides that it's a good idea to go on a date with him. Sigh...

I had so much fun shooting this episode. Yes, I have a lot of fun shooting every episode (except one, which I will explain why when it debuts) but the timing and writing were fantastic, as usual, and I got to act opposite... the writer and one of the directors himself! (Hi Wilder! ::waves enthusiastically::) I absolutely enjoyed acting opposite every one that I got the chance to in this web-series, but I wanted to give special props to Wilder because he's not an actor by trade, and I think he does a wonderful job. And if you think so too, let him (or me) know. Because as we learned from Mr. I Want My Five Minutes Back, it takes only a little bit of energy to spread negativity and crap around in this world (because we all know there isn't enough as it is) and it takes even LESS energy to tell someone that you appreciate him or her, and to spread a little light and cheer. Which kind of person do you want to be?

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