Friday, March 6, 2009

The Hell Froze Over episode I'm expecting the most YouTube hits on... the one debuting this Monday. Why, you may ask?

Because it's titled, "Lesbian." Apparently the fine folks that search through YouTube love that word.

Now, it might not have occurred to my character that when she decided to go on a date with every person she'd rejected, it would mean women as well as men, but it certainly occurred to the writers, directors, and possibly every other straight male watching the series thus far.

This is another one of those episodes that I sincerely hope they show the blooper reel for, because not only were the outtakes fairly ridiculous, (let's just say Jody gets in touch with her inner frat boy while drinking alcohol) there was more than one take ruined by a small, fuzzy dog that wandered into the middle of the shot, causing both myself and the actress playing Brooke to crack up laughing. And, of course, there's all the footage shot in New York, where I got to, ahem, spend a lot of time in a bathroom getting a scene just right and try not to walk into a fridge.

I'm sure you'll enjoy. Also, a special thanks to the girl playing opposite me as my lesbian date -- it's been a while since I met a girl so cool. Again, the casting gods were kind.

Also, because I'm in a grateful mood, I would like to personally thank Hell Froze Over for helping me land a wonderful new commercial agent at a fairly prestigious agency, and for helping my best friend from third through sixth grade (Hi Brooke!) track me down. Life's funny and kind of awesome that way.

So come Monday, sit down at the computer during your lunch break, turn the volume down a little bit lower than what your boss can hear, and enjoy the "Lesbian" episode. It'll be fun for the whole (aged thirteen and above) family.

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