Monday, April 6, 2009

Creeped out, weird, and uncomfortable

These are just some of the words people are using when they tell me their feelings about the latest episode of Hell Froze Over. Ah, yes. The "Inspector" episode. I'm not that surprised.

The thing is, we're getting down to the last couple episodes of Hell Froze Over, people. Time to pull out all the stops. Try something new. Scare people a little. Wear red dresses and pretend you're in a David Lynch film.

You know how it is.

At any rate, "Inspector" is not only an homage to several different genres (including but not limited to psychological thriller, horror, and sci-fi) but also an attempt to take you, the viewer who thought you knew so well where Hell Froze Over was going, and turn your world upside down.

And just like when you actually, PHYSICALLY go upside down, it's odd, uncomfortable, and you're not quite sure you like it at first. After all, isn't predictability more fun? Isn't the world a better place when you know what to expect, and things aren't all...weird?

But in the end, it's those moments of play, those unexpected surprises, the weird and trippy new thing that someone tries out, that make for some of the best moments in life and art. Some people inevitably won't like this episode. Some people will find it their favorite. Some people, having never watched an episode of Hell Froze Over before, will go back and watch every other episode in the series based on this one, I guarantee you. And I can probably also bet that some people might not watch another episode after this (which is a damn shame, because we've still got one episode left, and we're gearing up to do a whole lot of fun stuff this summer to prep for what we hope is another season!).

So watch the episode, love it, hate it, tell your friends and family either way, but please don't ever think for a moment that a) you knew what Hell Froze Over and Misplaced Planet was capable of as a series and a production company, and b) that art, film, and entertainment are meant to be safe and stay inside a box.

Have fun. Live a little. Get down with your uncomfortable self. And enjoy the episode. Everything we do, we do for you.*

*Wait, that's a Bryan Adams lyric, isn't it. Damn it.


AJ said...

Count me among those who found "Inspector" to be their favorite.

Phoenix said...


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