Monday, August 3, 2009

tag, you're it...

So before I go into how my print ad shoot went on Friday, I was playing catch up with all the blogs I missed reading over the weekend and was meandering through the always-awesome Jenn's blog when I noticed that I was tagged by her to tell you 7 things about myself.

I've never been tagged before, as I think of myself as a fairly low-key blogger, and I am super-excited. And although I don't think I can compete with how freakin' cool Jenn's 7 facts are, I'll give it my best.

Thanks Jenn! You're the nicest! :)

1) In addition to once talking a man down from attacking myself and a friend in a dark alley, I also once talked a guy on the train out of knifing a girl. That remains one of the scariest experiences in my life.

2) By the time I graduated from college, I'd traveled to fifteen and a half different countries: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, Japan and Bermuda counting as the half (technically Bermuda is still part of the United Kingdom. Whatever).

Because of all my traveling, I've learned two important survival skills: a) roll with it, and b) eat whatever is put down in front of you.

3) When I was in high school I was interviewed by the LA Times, as I was in a professional children's theater group at the time, but I told the interviewer that I had no interest in becoming an actress, as I wanted to become a marine biologist. Which leads me to:

4) One of the goals I'm determined to achieve in life is to cage-dive with great white sharks. But alas, I should probably learn how to swim first, which leads me to:

5) I can't swim. I almost drowned when I was little so water on my face really freaks me out. I can barely dip my face into running shower water.

6) I was born at home, not in a hospital, on purpose. My mom wanted a home birth...she got one.

7) I love learning languages... I studied German for five years, Latin for two, I was in a French class for six months that I finally had to quit because it was at 7 in the morning, and now I'm trying to find a place that will teach me ASL (American Sign Language) that fits with my work schedule.

and now for the tagging part, mwah hah hah... I'd love to learn seven facts about Lira, drollgirl, Iva, and Shanna Suburbia.

Go get 'em, girls...


Gwen said...

Isn't it funny how our goals change over time. LOL! BTW...your friends are so lucky to have you and your reasoning skills with crazy people. XOXO

Dionne said...

Oh I sooo wanna learn other languages! My mum is Filipino and my Dad is Italian, so I am bummed that I didn't learn either language growing up! But my husbo is half-Korean and learning Korean, so I want to start learning it too.

And yay for traveling! Once you got the bug, it never leaves ya, does it?!

Mrs Anne said...

You're so cultured! I love it!
YOUR skills of talking the guy out of kning a girl.. seriously? omg!


jenn said...

aww - you are way too nice. and OMG your 7 things are way cooler than mine!!! don't sell yourself short!

Shanna Suburbia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Iva Messy said...

OH WOW!! this is awesome!! you are wonderful! ummm I'll stay far far away during your shark dive... I'll totally cheer from the side lines!! I love to travel too...and learning languages is so beautiful ....thank you so much for the tag :)

Rachel Follett said...

Wow! You have been to so many countries. I am so jealous and it definitely motivates me to travel more.

drollgirl said...

dude!!! you are way too fucking interesting!!! bah! i am a huge snore compared to you!!! love it!!!

Kristin Quinn said...

Wow Tracy. Fact #1 is quite a story that we can all learn from. I'll have to hear your second story sometime.

A home far away said...

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