Monday, March 29, 2010

patience is a virtue...

...which I usually don't have, so I suppose I don't really have a right to ask anyone else to have any either. Nonetheless, I haven't had a chance to get my tattoo pics uploaded from my camera and I have a ton more pictures of what I was up to during my blogging break that I want to share with you, so bear with me for a couple more posts while I get these pictures out of my system.

Also, to clear up a couple things: 1) a couple of you asked how on earth I got my idea for the Pride and Prejudice and Zombie engagement party, more specifically how the hell I came up with the idea to combine the two. Well, it's not my idea! There was a best-selling book that came out last year:

In which a contemporary author took the original Pride and Prejudice story and then added in a zombie story in the background. He's also publishing this book later this year, which I am pretty damn excited about:

Now if only Abraham Lincoln could take out that emo little vampire punk Edward Cullen...hmmm... :)

So that's where I got the idea from, given that the bride Stacy loves Pride and Prejudice and the groom, Eric... loves zombies. So it was kind of a match made in...purgatory?

Other things you need to know: 2) Yes, the tattoo hurt. Tattoos hurt. It's what happens when someone puts a needle full of ink to your skin and then goes back and forth, back and forth, along the same lines, over.and over.and over again. Was it totally worth it? You betcha. I love the look, it only took about 40 minutes, the pain, for what it was, was completely tolerable because it was on my lower back, and it's healing nicely as I'm pampering it and putting lotion on it every hour.

Also, before I leave you with a bunch of photos of what I've been up to over the past couple weeks: 3) don't give your cat catnip five minutes before you go to bed. This doesn't really have anything to do with my post or my pictures, I just felt it was an important life-lesson to share with everyone. Tell your friends. It could save lives. Or, you know, valuable hours of sleep.

And finally: one of my favorite girls in the entire world wrote this post about how the two of us met and her thoughts on my tattoo. It made me cry. Lira, I love you so much.

Now behold: pictures.

This is what happens when you loan your roommate three rolls of toilet paper over the past few weeks and then he decides to pay you back all at once, video-game style. I walked into my bathroom and found this EXACT set-up. Lovely, eh?

Desperate times call for desperate measures... in a stress-induced freak out attack I decided that getting a pedicure would make me feel better. This is the second pedicure I've ever had in my entire life. It totally worked.

These are some pictures I took at The Huntington Library and Gardens. I know, you're thinking, Where are the freakin' gardens? but I'm posting those later this week with a fun little tool that makes nature pictures look AWESOME. Yes, that required all caps.


Very Secret Garden-esque!


We be real cool.

Ellesmere's illustrated Canterbury Tales!! I'm such a fan-girl of Chaucer.

I love this curmudgeon. He's one of my favorite poets of ever.

Buddhist temple in Whittier! Did you know it was there? I didn't!

The more levels there are, the harder it is for evil spirits to get in.

View from the top.

Happy Buddha is....happy.

View over-looking downtown Whittier.

K, so them's my first batch of pics. I will do another post of nature pictures in the next day or so, and then it's all about the tattoo, I promise!

Happy Monday!


drollgirl said...

love your pictures! isn't the huntington rad?!?!? i love it there!

can't wait to see your tattoo! you are hardcore, girlie! in a good way. :)

Lira said...

You are welcome, my darling!

The temple looks AmaZen!

I will one day also get a pedicure with flowers and a sparkly on the big toe. I've been coveting those for so long!

Dionne said...

I can't wait to see your tattoo pics, and also am looking forward to seeing the Pride Prejudice and Zombies pics when that's done. Sounds like SUCH a fun idea.

I LOVE the Huntington. I used to go there every now and then when I still lived in Pasadena.

And no way! I had NO IDEA Whittier had Buddhist temple. WOW.

Gwen said...

Love the photos!!! Your pedicure looks almost identical to mine!!! Funny how all of the flowers end up looking the same. LOL!!! Can't wait to see the tatoo!!! XOXO

Miss Anne said...

You're so lovely. Truly.
and fun and creative.

LOVE your toesies!

Joker_SATX said...

Love the Pics...can't wait for the Tattoo ones to come up. Again, sounded like a really good time.

Dave said...

Buddha is just happy he made it up all those stairs. And personally, I'm sure I could think of a time when I wish someone had suprised me with toilet paper....I'm just saying.

Irenicineri said...

I'm listening to Abe: Vampire Hunter right now. My voiceover teacher actually reads it - go Scott! And yeah, P&P&Z is awesome. Did you get a chance to read Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters yet?

Also, see this:

Whaaa? J. Roberts??

I think that about covers it. I am going back to lie down with ice again. :)

Darcy said...

great pictures, love it! secret garden one is one my faves..

Bathwater said...

All good things come in time.

Robin said...

Awesome pics. I loved Lira's blog, too. Very cool. It looks like things are settling back down for you. I am so glad. It is so hard to do anything when everything is spiralling out. Keep breathing in and out and taking care of you and all will be well. Peace:-)

Jenn said...

love the pics - especially the secret garden one. Such a pretty picture!

Can't wait to see the tattoo. I got one when I was 19 (a stupid drunken decision) on my lower back, too. I do remember that it didn't hurt THAT badly...maybe I'll get another (more meaningful) one someday. :)

g. fox said...

What a peaceful bunch of photos... (even the TP)

MildlySensational said...

I'm reading Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on my kindle. Cheesey-poufs for the brain, such decadence is so much fun! Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters was AWESOME, btw. :D

And Dave totally stole my line! Both of 'em! lol

Castor said...

Really great pics!!

Lori ann said...

I'd like to see that temple, i've got to make a trip south.
you two are so cute laying there in the grass.dont' forget, keep that new tatoo out of the sun for awhile. i have no idea why, i've just heard that's what you need to do!

Maggie May said...

Love your pictures! You are so cute.
The PandP zombie party idea= genius.
And that is one of my favorite curmudgeon poets too :)

Angie Muresan said...

You two are so adorable!
I lived for a short time in Whittier and had no idea that temple was there.

Okay, so when will you post photos of the tattoo?


wow...must go visit one of these days~ amazing photosss...

sanjeet said...

LOVE the Huntington. I used to go there every now and then when I still lived in Pasadena.
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