Friday, March 26, 2010

the big more ways than one

Ready for the truthiness? Yeah you are!

1) Even though I'm definitely a tomboy, I still put a lot of care into my appearance by doing my hair and makeup every day and making sure I always look my cutest. Hey, being a tomboy doesn't mean you have to dress like a guy :)

Lie. Total lie. Most of you called me on it too. Is it that obvious? Gah. At any rate, I'm not sure if it's laziness or having my priorities set straight, but I only wear makeup and do my hair for auditions. Life is too short to spend thirty seconds on some pokey-wand thing for my eyelashes and don't even get me started on curling or flat-ironing my hair. My daily wardrobe is a lot like this: tank top or t-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans, sneakers or flip-flops, and a pony-tail to finish it off. On Sundays when I go to church I take extra special care not to wear any clothing with holes in it, which is in itself exhausting to find in my closet. Holes in the clothing is like free air-conditioning. Plus I am more apt to get free coffee when my jeans have holes in them, not because my cute factor suddenly got upped to twelve but because I honestly think the Starbucks people think I'm homeless.

2) I went to modeling school when I was in junior high school, competed in modeling contests and shows, and even landed myself a modeling agent at one point. I also took professional acting classes as a kid at a renowned professional theater company in Southern California.

True! My parents, in a desperate attempt to teach me how to be a girl (it only backfired), enrolled me in a modeling school and I even had an agent at some point, who probably hoped (silly agent!) that one day I would be taller than 5'4". Not so. At any rate, as these things happen in the industry, my modeling agent stole money from her clients and skipped town back to New Zealand, but not before my mother tracked her down two hours before the flight and demanded our money back. My agent gave the money back to my mother, terrified. (This is why my mother is a bad-ass.) And I took professional acting classes at South Coast Repertory, a wonderful theater down in Orange County.

3) I worked retail once in LA and had Drew Carey as a customer. I asked him for his autograph - on his credit card slip. I had no idea who he was, but I did make him laugh really hard. I only found out it was him after he left the store.

True! Lemme explain this one - TV Drew Carey does not look like Real Life Drew Carey, nor had I ever watched a single episode of whatever show he was on. So this tall guy with NO glasses comes in and buys some books, I ask for his autograph on his credit card receipt, he laughs like it's the funniest thing he's heard all day, then meanders out the store. Another employee bee-lines for me and says, "Is he the first celebrity you've seen here?" And I say, "Oh, that wasn't a celebrity, I ask all the customers for their 'autograph' on their credit card receipts." She gives me a funny look and says, "No, that was Drew Carey." At which point my forehead wrinkles and I say, "I think I've heard of him. Doesn't he have his own TV show?"

4) I was a theater technician at my college, both during the school year and the summertime. I worked in the shop building sets, painting scenery, hanging lights from thirty feet above the stage, and did running crew as well for most of the productions.

True! I wandered into the theater tech shop the first semester in college and they didn't get rid of me for four years. They even started paying me.

5) I consider myself fairly fearless, but I hate roller-coasters. They scare the crap out of me!

Lie. I love roller-coasters! They're fun :)

6) I hate snakes. I can deal with spiders, cockroaches, bees, hornets, lizards, whatever...but snakes are gross.

Lie. I'm fine with snakes (my mother is terrified). I still remember 10th grade Chem class where someone brought in a beautiful boa constrictor and I volunteered to hold it and let it wrap itself around my entire body. It was gorgeous. I am, however, not a fan of cockroaches. At ALL. And bees make me a little nervous.

So there you have it. Three truths, three lies, no hard feelings. Everyone had great guesses and I loved all the comments.

But one comment in particular got my attention, from my blogger-friend Bathwater, who noted, quite correctly, "And the other adventure you are making us wait about.......hmmmmm?"

Which is that I haven't yet shown you guys the design for the tattoo I'm getting on Saturday!

Thanks, Bathwater, for the reminder :)

So without further ado, here's the tattoo I'm getting:

My friend Robert, who is a professional calligrapher, scripted the word for me. Entheos has three meanings, all of which I am absolutely in love with:

a) The Greek word entheos literally means "God within."

b) Entheos is the root word for our English word "enthusiasm," which I have in spades.

c) The American mythologist Joseph Campbell wrote that entheos is the suppositional opposite of entropy. Entropy is the theory that everything is moving towards chaos; entheos is the theory that everything is moving towards God.

How could I NOT get this word on my body??

So have a great weekend everyone...and think of me squirming in my chair, getting a tattoo and trying to be a tough girl. Once it's all healed on my body I will definitely be showing you guys pictures :)


Wilder Konschak said...

Ridiculous, Joseph. Entropy *IS* God. But I suppose that's another loop for your collection, man. Another loop for your collection.

Wine and Words said...

Wow...yes. If one is to engrave the body, that would be the word of choice!

Miss Anne said...

love the truths/lies! :)

and that tattoo is lovely. i think the three meanings are perfect for you and will mean so much!

can't wait to see pics!

Dionne said...

Oh wow, I was wondering why that was your profile pic on Facebook. I love it, it's gorgeous - in appearance and meaning!

LOL about the holes in your clothes being free airconditioning. Trust you to think of it that way, hahaha.

Kristy said...

I was wondering the same thing Dionne. Ahem, life is not in fact too short to paint ones lovely lashes! That's what they are made for!

Lori ann said...

i knew it! i am not a fan of makeup and agree about it being a waste of time and money.

tatoos however, i feel the same way. you are beautiful, unmakedup and uninked. but that's not the point (my daughters tell me). it's about expression. i hope mine are done expressing themselves. between 5 kids there are 7 tattos. oh dear. but i'll say the same thing to you that i said to them, if it makes you happy honey.

Bathwater said...

Well I got the first on right and I don't think it is because you are lazy I think it is because you are just plan beautiful with or without make-up.

I hope I didn't spoil anything, I love the script. You'll be fine it will be over before you know it.

I went with my friend Wendy last night to get her another tattoo. She didn't even flinch. she is a tough cookie. Full story to come, along with the date and more on Rose. Things are happening quicker than I can put them into print.

Jenn said...

love the tattoo! love it even more that it has so much meaning. and i totally thought you were lying about drew carey!! :)

Lira said...

You hate cockroaches?! ::tear::

Indigo said...

Love the tattoo idea. As for the tomboy bit. If you're anything like me *wrinkles nose* only when I have to, do I do the make up and hair. Otherwise rolls eyes. Life is way too short.

Ripped jeans are the classic for us cute toms. (Hugs)Indigo

Marion said...

Oh, Lord, my husband was into entropy a few years back and read about ten books. We had some really interesting conversations, to say the least.

On the tattoo, I'll warn you. IF you get something like the one you showed us, be prepared to have to explain it over and over and over and over. I think it's beautiful, but I just wanted to give you that little bit of advice. Be VERY sure you'll be willing to do all that explaining. (My four tatoos are either dragonflies or dragons. I'm planning on getting a quote soon on my inner arm, but in English, quite readable).

Love & Blessings!!!! xoxo

Maggie May said...

ahHA i can add these to my list of facts about you that i keep on the wall in my bedroom.

i kid! i kid! :)

Taylor K said...

cool dude. :)

Taylor K said...

hey, we had season tickets to the south coast reparatory when I was growing up. I probably saw you in plays! fun times.

Carissa said...

this was such a fun post! since I missed the first one I had to go back and look... I did pretty good. I got 'em all right (in my head) except the snake one. I thought you were telling the truth! haha, cuz I am not a fan of snakes or anything creepy crawly.

as for the tattoo, I think the three meanings are lovely! I think it is so important to get a tattoo that means something to you, that way you (hopefully) won't regret it later on, and I'd say this one fits the bill!

when I got my tat, almost a year ago, I was such a squirmer! (I think my squeals were annoying this dude next to me who was getting a huge bear on his arm/shoulder!) but oh my goodness, it hurt; it was on my foot, one of the worst spots! but I knew that an hour and a half of pain was worth getting something that meant so much to me. so keep that in mind! and good luck! can't wait to see the photos!

Shanna Suburbia said...

That's gonna look awesome!

Sorry I haven't been around much in the blogosphere lately. I kind of ran out of blogging steam for a while but I'm trying to recharge soon.

Not doing the Comic-Con thing this year (I know, sad face) but I'm planning on being at BlizzCon =D

Robin said...

Cool explanations on the truths and lies. I must have missed out on all of the buildup on the tattoo. I like the three meanings. If it isn't too personal, where are you getting this tattoo placed? And, lastly, next time I am on facebook I shall send you a friend request. Hope that is okay....

Juliana said...

You are ABSOLUTELY stunning! I just loved reading this and learning more about you! I hope you have a nice weekend!

Ida Nielsen said...

I love the look/meaning of the tattoo! You're so brave!!!

Barbara said...

Sorry, but WHY are you engraving something on your body? It's such a nice body too. Don't do it.

Narayan said...

I love the tattoo, enthusiasm- to be filled with God ... beautiful choice...

Heather Taylor said...

That tattoo is so unique, I bet it will look great on you!
I'm not sure how I would do with a boa wrapped up against me, but you made it sound like it can be easily done. I need to get rid of my intense dislike of snakes one of these days...

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