Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend in photographs


...drove down to the OC to hang out with my mom and aunt, the coolest twins I know... and while I helped organize old papers from the garage, we tried to beat the heat with the fan.

the pool worked out much better than the fan, so after lunch we took a dip and my mom and aunt gave me some swimming lessons. Long story short, I almost drowned when I was a kid so I don't like water on my face and never really learned to swim. But rest assured, I'm still going to take my good friend Lira up on swimming lessons sometime this summer. :)

then I got stuck in traffic on a Friday afternoon and spent a good two hours on the road. Not fun. At all. So no pictures of my traffic-induced crankiness. :/

BUT: I wound up here. At the Greek Amphitheater, with my good friend Kristy. To watch Tori Amos play live.

Hell Yeah. More pictures of the concert (closer to the stage, but the trade-off is that they are a bit more blurry) to come in the next few days.

And on Saturday night, my friends Eric and Stacy surprised me with tickets to see Puppet Up!, an improvisational show done by some of the professional puppeteers of the Jim Henson Co. (as in, the creator of the Muppet Show.) And like a lame person, I left the pictures I took at Puppet Up! on my other computer, so you'll get them later on this week as well.

I hope you guys all had kick-ass weekends and that you have a lovely week ahead of you!


Kristy said...

nice entry! (that's what she said....what, ew) Me likey! can I get some of your thousand pic's?

drollgirl said...

tori amos AND puppets!!! DUDE! your weekends are way better than mine!!!!

Gwen said...

I love the photo through the fan!!! And I agree with drollgirl. Your weekends are fabulous!!! XOXO

Phoenix said...

thank you, guys :) and yes, Kristy, I'll send you the pics that actually came out not blurry.

Iva Messy said...

LOL totally ditto to drollgirl!! amazing weekend!! wow!

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