Monday, July 13, 2009


Tori Amos(!) tickets at the Greek Amphitheater in July - check.

Flogging Molly(!!) tickets at the Greek Amphitheater in September - check.

Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough back in the stores -- not so check.

Two outta three ain't bad.

Also, if you're interested in hearing my friend's take on things in New Jersey, go here. :)


drollgirl said...

2 outta 3 is pretty good!

i am hoping for free motorhead tickets. ahhaha. i am sure that is horrifying.

drollgirl said...

you have great taste, just like me! haha hahah

and the girlie weekend was fun, but i abandoned ship on some of the plans. SO HOT!!!

how was your weekend? hope it was fab!

Iva said...

2 out of 3! Fabulous! :)

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