Thursday, July 16, 2009

tying it all together

I'm about to jet off for the weekend, guys, and I've got a Tori Amos concert at the Greek Amphitheater to catch tomorrow night (see ya there, Di!), and some sort of post-birthday ambush thing going on Saturday night (my friends Eric and Stacy are kidnapping me and not telling me where I'm going -- nevertheless, I'm excited).

In the meantime, I've got an ice cream date with one of my favorite girls tonight after a casting workshop, and tomorrow I get to visit my mom and swim in her swimming pool. I got no complaints :)

Before I bid you guys a fantastic weekend, wanted to leave you guys a couple things to check out:

steps two, three, four, and five of how to make it as a working actor in LA are up on my page, so check 'em out...

and remember that blog I posted about those cute little chalkboard signs? Well Shanna over at Shanna Suburbia had an even cuter idea...and then I read Nina's blog over at Naturally Nina and saw that idea put into adorable action. I'm totally doing this with some plates or serving trays that I find at a flea market.

Right now I'm craving fresh watermelon slices, ice cold lemonade, central air-conditioning, and a good pair of comfy jean shorts with flip flops. I hope all of you have a lovely summer weekend and I'll catch y'all later. :)


Iva said...

Have a great time :) ohhhhh yay another place to read stuff by you :) YAY!

ohh, I would love some watermelon.

Jenn said...

ohhh i love tori amos. have a great time at the concert! :)

drollgirl said...

GOD THIS ALL SOUNDS FANTASTIC!!! i hope it was all fab, and i am sorry i missed out on wishing you a happy birthday!

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