Tuesday, July 14, 2009

oh the places you'll go!

Hello you's! I hope you're having a lovely Tuesday. Short of being the proud new owner of The Headache that Just Won't Die (I know, I know, drink more water), my week is going rather well. Of course, it's only Tuesday, so a lot could happen between now and Friday...

Still. I choose to remain optimistic until it is kindly pointed out that I'm in a situation of real danger and being optimistic is hurting my chances of survival.

At any rate, for my lovely Southern California readers, I've rounded up another bunch of activities for you guys to check out during the summer months. Again, apologies to those readers not in SoCal, I promise I'm not rubbing it in, your state is just as good as mine and may even be better, depending on whether or not you get summer thunderstorms. So without further ado, here's a bunch of stuff to do. And yes, all of it costs less than $15, you're welcome.

Like movies? Sure you do! They're playing free movies every Wednesday night during the summer months here - good movies, too, like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ghostbusters, um...Top Gun...yeah...

And here's where they are playing cult classics in one of the coolest cemeteries in LA... keep in mind it's a $10 ticket donation and $5 to park inside the cemetery, but you are allowed to bring in your own picnic food and did I mention you get to watch a movie inside a cemetery? (PS if you go, say hi to The Ramones' gravestones for me, thanks)

If you love photography exhibits as much as I do, you don't want to miss this. Admission is free.

Get down with your jazz appreciative self on July 25th and 26th!

Bored on a Thursday night? Check out the Skirball's Summer Concert series -- not only are the concerts free, but they open up their exhibitions to the public for free as well (with the exception of the Noah's Ark Exhibit, which you have to find another time to do because it's AWESOME).

And if partying late nights at museums is something you want to turn into a regular habit, The Getty changed their Fridays off the 405 to Saturdays off the 405 (because we all know how much the 405 freeway blows on a Friday night.) You still gotta pay $10 for parking, but the concert is free, the summer exhibits are free... and the amazing night view is free. NB: it gets cold up at the Getty late at night, so throw a leather jacket over your skimpy top if you're trying to dress all trendy. Or if you're a guy.

Can you even fit over 400 classic cars and and big band acts into one street in Glendale? Find out the answer at the 16th Annual Cruise Night, happening this Saturday, July 18th.

If you're closer to the Orange County area:

check out one of the best art shows and exhibits in Cali -- I used to go here every year and I loved it.

And if you're closer to San Diego this weekend, and you like sand that gets everywhere, everywhere, I tell you!, check out the 29th Annual U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition.

This above all: wear sunscreen.


Gwen said...

I so want to watch old movies in a graveyard!!! So much fun!!! I hope you headache is better now too!!! XOXO

P.S. I thought I might be the only one that liked the 3rd watch best. Glad someone shares the same taste as me. :)

drollgirl said...

such good tips! and right as i am trying to figure out what to do this weekend! :)

p.s. hope the headache is gone by now. sometimes i get them and they can last up to 10 days. horrid.

Dionne said...

Man! If only I found your blogs 8 months earlier, and you posted this back then.... oh well!

Dionne said...

I wish we'd blog-met sooner. I was just in Cali last month and hosted a SoCal Blogger's Lunch (if you look at my tags, I think it's under Blogger Meetups). But I am looking to host another one out there at the end of the year, so maybe we can meet then!

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