Wednesday, January 6, 2010

first things first...

...the ever awesome Kris over at Behold the Metatron gave me a Kreativ Blogger award. How cool is that?

It looks like this:

Kris resides in New York, has tons of inside tips about the coolest city that never sleeps, and posts recipes involving cheese and pasta that make me drool. I have a feeling that if we met in real life we'd get along famously.

Anyways, the rules are to post ten "interesting" things about myself and then pass along this award to ten other bloggers, so I thought I'd play nice and follow the rules for once. Kris, thank you so much for this - very sweet and kind of you and I'm glad you are enjoying my blog.

1) One of my goals in life, once I get the time and money, is to go back to school and get a Master's degree in Divinity.

2) I was all set to go to school in Santa Cruz (northern California) and study marine biology until I met an actual marine biologist. She said 95% of the job is staring at a computer screen and analyzing data. I said no thanks, I'll go to SeaWorld instead. And while we're at it, I'll get my degree in Acting.

3) I have been working on writing my first feature length film script for over two years now. I'm currently revising my second draft. This is the year I'm going to finish it, if only because I have friends who have sat me down and told me, very firmly, that this is the year I'm going to finish it.

4) I stay friends with my exes. Of the guys I've dated in the past, three of them read this blog, as does the guy I'm currently with. They all suck at leaving me comments (aHEM) but it's okay because I know they adore me. I adore them too.

5) I believe that everyone has at least three minor superpowers. Two of mine are: a) I always know, without having to check and even before fully stepping into one, if a bathroom stall is out of toilet paper. I don't know HOW I developed this power but it freakin' ROCKS. b) I get involved a lot in strangers' lives because people come up to me constantly and just start conversations. My friends don't believe it until they see it, but old people, young people, middle aged people, homeless people, wealthy people... people of all types just come up to me and start talking about whatever is on their minds and I just nod and smile and my friends look at me, like, Does she know this person? No, no I do not know this person. But I'm glad to meet them!

6) My idea of hell would be: forced to run on a treadmill at a gym with all glass windows for walls on a busy street corner while watching some obnoxious dating reality show on the high-def television. While Megan Fox cooked cabbage on the treadmill next to mine and read People Magazine out loud. With her voice.

7) I will gladly trap and gently release all spiders that come into the apartment, I have dug my hands into buckets of dirt and come up gleeful with fingers crawling in worms, I will step on cockroaches for other people, if my friends had pet tarantulas I would cuddle and pet them, crickets and grasshoppers amuse me to no end, and if you put me in a mansion with ONE bee or hornet I would lose my freakin' MIND in abject and utter terror.

8) I was born at home, on my own bed, in a small town in New Hampshire.

9) I write poetry. No, I will not make any of you read it. It's trite and emo, much like my Tweets.

10) I have been studying martial arts since I was sixteen. I have a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and have also studied boxing, White Dragon style Kung Fu, and Escrima, which is Filipino sword and knife fighting. I am proficient in nunchucks, escrima sticks, knives, and I'm okay with a bow staff and a handgun. If killer bees take over the planet I'm screwed.

And now for the tagging... just for a change, and because there's not as many male bloggers out there, I'm gonna tag some of my guy blogger buddies. Go check 'em out - all of these guys are smart, funny, creative, and pretty damn cool.

1) First up is my real-life buddy Anthony. He's a talented as hell artist and you should check out what he can draw. This piece of his is my favorite, and if you like Flight of the Conchords, I think you'll like it too.

2) Dave is all sorts of awesome...and his family is a-dor-able. Go say hi!

3) Des always comes up with the best quotes and pictures to get us all thinking. I love his blog and always look forward to seeing what he's gonna come up with next.

4) My favorite librarian since Henry DeTamble is B.Nagel. I don't even think I know his first name but B. is a fantastic writer and can keep up with my sarcasm fairly well. I approve.

5) Jonas is my favorite. But don't tell him, k? :)

6) Scrap Cat and The Mr. Pillow is a bit of a wild-card... he doesn't blog nearly enough for my liking and he's a little unorthodox in his story telling but I think he's fantastic just the same...can't go wrong with a Neil Gaiman fan!

7) Best photographer I know. If you like photography blogs, keep an eye on Mark...he's my roommate's brother and has more talent with a camera than I will ever have in my entire life. Not.Fair.

8) One of the most politically curious and knowledgeable guys I know. And I don't get to see him nearly as often as I'd like to in real life, which bums me out. He gives the best hugs.

9) This guy cracks me up. Particularly this post. Warning: you might die laughing.

10) Oh, and that boy I adore happens to have a blog of his most very own as well. Too bad I can't guilt him into posting more... OH WAIT.

PS I'm sorry, guys, that this award looks all frilly, so feel free to copy and paste Angelina Jolie's half naked body draped all over it. But let's keep it tasteful, okay??


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

You're an ANGEL releasing spiders! I kill them, and then rekill them to make sure that they're dead. Then flush them down the toilet. Then clean the toilet to make sure that all of the spider mojo is bleached to hell and back ;)

jenn said...

haha - bees, really? if you put the tiniest of spiders within 100 feet of me, i will lose my shit. i am PETRIFIED of creepy crawlers.

and hey - don't knock my girl megan fox ;)

B. Nagel said...

I know quite a few people who would knock Megan Fox, if you know what I mean. . .

And tracy, if you want to read really hilarious library stuff, check out McSweeny's Dispatches from a Public Librarian. It's the bestest. No sarcasm.

Pretty Zesty said...

This was so awesome... but wait, you forgot the Sugar Doll award! I gave you that one too silly!

Oh and #6 is hilarious!

Marion said...

Phoenix, the esp thing is because your middle name is Marion. I think all of us Marion's have intuition. Mine is pretty strong because I was born under the full moon in July, the sign of Moonchild.

I release spiders, too, and let them live in my gardens. The only thing I guiltlessly squish are the hordes of mosquitoes that sneak in down here in swamp country! Ha!

I firmly insist that you post some of your poetry! I would love to read it and I bet it's fabulous, like you.

Love & Blessings, Marion

Wine and Words said...

Congrats on your award and cudos to the guy blogs. You'll never find me releasing spiders but I will try to take you with my brown belt (I weigh more than you) :)

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

I kill spiders, ants and every other insect that sets it feet inside my apartment! I think it's due to once waking up in bed with a spider crawling on my face!! I still get goosebumps just thinking about it!!!

PS: I wish I had your toilet paper super power!!

Anthony Diecidue (dee-etch-eh-doo-eh) said...

Yay! You are awesome sweetie!

Kristin Quinn said...

I am very impressed with your toilet paper superpower!

Barbara said...

How do you feel about mice? I spent a night in a northern Michigan cabin in abject terror after seeing beady eyes glaring at me from a corner, in my bedroom, near the ceiling among the logs.

The next day I set a trap. (Not adept at that, but didn't know what else to do.) That night I was up all night must have caught him on the tail and he dragged it all over the cabin all night.
I found him the next day half in, half out of a basket of wood. I made someone else come and release him.

Lori ann said...

I don't think i have any superpowers. please rethink releasing those spiders, they need to be killed!! there are too many of them already!
Running on a treadmill in front of glass windows naked would be an even bigger nightmare, aren't you glad I told you that?!
congratulations on your well deserved award.

Deech said...

Congrats on this award! You deserve it! You are a very creative Blogger!

Gwen said...

Killer Bees!!! HA!!! Of course people walk up and talk to you. They have ESP too...they know how fabulous you are!!! XOXO

Angie Muresan said...

Congratulations!! And I think it's super cool that you've tagged male bloggers. The only problem I have with them is that they rarely comment on female bloggers... At least that has been my experience.
Maybe they're just not comfortable with my subjects. Ha! That must be it!
Will go check them all out, now.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting the award, and a very big thank you for passing it on. I'm off to find a photo of Angelina now ...

thanks for the suggestion :)

Honey Bee said...

Managing to remain friends with your ex is the BEST trait you could have!

krista said...

damnit...because i don't already have too many blogs in my reader...there you are, handing over more.
and i suppose i mean damnit it a good way.

krista said...

oh, and p.s.
megan fox would never cook.

Kristy said...

I thought it said "Kretin Blogger" that woulda been awesome

Anonymous said...

This is really great. Thank you so much for the award. It means so much coming from such an excellent blogger. And the best of luck on finishing your screenplay. You're such a gifted storyteller here on your blog, that I know that your screenplay will be very engaging. Again, thank you for the award and I hope you have a great weekend.

Dave said...

You rock!...again. If I ever get backed into a corner by knife packing meanies I'm calling you. If I ever find myself in a stall without paper I'm calling someone eles. Thank me later.

Dave said...

I actually do know how to spell else. :)

Irenicineri said...

I like the smell of cooking cabbage... maybe I should give Megan Fox my recipe and make your hell a little more survivable...

Carissa Thilgen said...

these have to be the most interesting ten facts about a person I have ever read. and hilarious too! thanks for sharing! :)

I think my idea of hell matches up pretty well with yours, though I can't say I carefully trap and release spiders... you have a bigger heart than me when it comes to our eight-legged friends!

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