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It's always good to see hard work and effort pay off, when something I've been working on and planning for, for quite a while, finally gets its chance to shine. This is how I feel about a couple projects in particular right now, projects that have been in the making for quite a while and are finally getting ready to launch in the next few days.

I should also take the time to mention now, before I forget, that these projects which have taken up so much of my time and dedication and effort and planning, all of them came to exist because of a myriad of other people, people who worked even harder than I at making sure everything came into being the way it did. I owe them all chocolate. And possibly my firstborn. (Wait, how is THAT going to work?! Can you split a child 12 ways?)

I know I'm being all vague, so I'll get right down to specifics. I'm super excited about a lot going in my career right now, but these three things in particular are going up this week and I'm psyched to tell you all about them.

1) The web-series HELL FROZE OVER

Here we finally are, days away from the debut of what represents about a year's worth of dedication, talent, energy, and hard work from a fantastic bunch of people. I'm just giddy they return my emails.

Right, so, Hell Froze Over. Yes, I know, you've been hearing a lot about it, but what IS it, exactly? What exactly IS Hell Froze Over?

So glad you asked.

Under the production of Misplaced Planet, a web-series idea was born, about a girl named Jody, played by me. Jody decides that the best way to change her bad taste in the people she currently dates is to go back and date every person she's ever rejected, hoping that perhaps her luck will change, or that maybe it really wasn't all her being a bad judge of character. And if nothing else, it will shut up her best friend and roommate, Brooke, who's there every step of the way to give Jody advice, support, passive-aggressive looks, and clean clothes. In every episode, you, the viewer, get to watch my character plow through yet another date with someone she once turned down. Let the awkwardness (and hilarity) ensue.

And being the romantics that they are, the good folks over at Misplaced Planet decided that the launch date should be the day before Valentine's Day. As in, Friday the 13th. Look at everything coming together so wonderfully. :)

So on Friday, February 13th, tune in to the official Hell Froze Over website,, and enjoy the first episode, "Whiskey." The following nine episodes of the first season air every following Monday, so make sure to stay tuned as Jody gets herself into deeper trouble, better (or worse) situations, and learns some important things about herself along the way.

No, wait, scratch that last part. We might have to face the fact that Jody will always just be Jody.

At any rate, another reason you should stay up to date on the Hell Froze Over website is all the extra goodies. There has been the threat of behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers being aired (which probably consist, no doubt, of me laughing by myself in a room while everyone else just waits around patiently, I SWEAR there was a gas leak somewhere), and every Friday you can head back here to this blog for some minor spoilers and my personal take on next Monday's episode. In other words, on Fridays I will blog about how awesome Monday's upcoming episode is going to be, and you get to wait all weekend to see if it really is that good.

There's one other extra, one that I'm having so much ridiculous fun doing that I might just continue it long after the series is done being aired. Which conveniently leads me to:

2) Jody's Blog

If I had known how therapeutic it is to be in Jody's head, and how much fun I'd have blogging as my character, I would have started about fifteen years ago. As it is, I'm doing it now, having a blast, and several characters from Jody's past have popped up on her blog to say hi, leave comments, and contribute to the spreading of chaos and confusion. I invite you to take a look, become a follower, leave comments and play along, and enjoy reading about Jody's other dates from hell. To find Jody's blog, you can go to one of two places: the Hell Froze Over website, or the blog in its original form, on Blogspot, found here.

Either way. I'm having such a good time, I figured, why not share it with everyone else? :)

And finally, after quite a while of reconstruction and re-design, my website is ready to be re-launched. Which just so happens to be:


I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a shiny new website up, and at this point I have to mention a name because I'm just so full of gratitude for all the hard work that was put into it. Jason, thank you. A million times, thank you.

Go take a look around, (go here) and enjoy all the stuff I had on the website from before, and all the new stuff I put up in the last couple weeks. I've added more head shots (all of which can now be found on Flickr) as well as including another Flickr link for my original photography. Under the main page, in addition to a short biography, a link to this blog, and a resume available for viewing and downloading as a pdf, you will find a page set aside specifically for the contact information for all of my representation, including management, theatrical, commercial, and print. And of course, my reel has always been available for viewing.

So that's it. I know that's a lot to process about my website and my web-series, and I'll blog again this Friday just to give you my take on the pilot episode of Hell Froze Over and to remind everyone that it is available at the website for your viewing pleasure, and help get you ready for Monday's episode as well with a few random tidbits thrown your way.

I hope you have as much fun watching this series as I did working on it. And if you need a cheat sheet, by all means:

2) Jody's blog

BAM. Enjoy :)

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Jon said...

"Can you split a child 12 ways?"

Simple solution: have 12 kids! I mean, that one chick had like 8, you only need to improve that by 50%. Not tough. That way, everyone gets one...probably deformed child.

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