Saturday, February 14, 2009


Me: So, Mom, what did you think about the pilot episode of Hell Froze Over?

Mom: I loved it! I thought it was really great.

Me: Yeah? I'm so glad to hear that.

Mom: Yeah. It was really funny.

Me: Awesome. I'm just relieved that you weren't offended or anything.

Mom: Well...

Me: Uh-oh. Well?

Mom: I just...

Me: You just...what?

Mom: Nothing.

Me: No, really. You can tell me.

Mom: It's just...that when you showed your panties to the guy...

Me: Oh, Mom! I told you there would be sexual stuff, but they didn't actually show anything. It's not like I was naked.

Mom: Oh, no, I'm not upset that you showed your panties.

Me: Then what are you upset about?

Mom: I just don't understand why you would show your panties to THAT guy. I mean, he's so clearly the WRONG GUY for you!

*this conversation actually happened. This? This is why I love my mother so much.

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Lira Kellerman said...

Parents are awesome. Especially parents who are normally so incredibly logical.

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