Thursday, October 16, 2008

It took longer than I thought it would take... get me back on here. So sorry about that -- I'm working on updating my website so that there's a blog link, and people can find this more easily. In the meantime, I'm still keeping myself way too busy (it goes with being an A-Type) with revising my script, working on my web-series, shooting photographs, auditioning for commercials, tv and film, working on my not-so-mad kung fu skills and oh, yes...I started learning French. At 7 in the morning. For those of you who know me, I can hear you laughing and I know where you live - for those of you who don't - how to put this gently? You know how a grizzly can get kind of cranky when it's woken up from hibernation? Well, picture me like that, but with worse hair, and a really good right hook -- that should about do it. I will be leaving for New York (I need to put that in all caps because I'm so damn excited. I will be leaving for NEW YORK!!!!) in a couple weeks to shoot six more episodes of the web-series I'm working on, Hell Froze Over. No episodes have aired yet, but we have four shot and edited, and with that additional six I think we've got our first season, and the episodes should be debuting fairly soon, and I'll plug the hell out of them and annoy you all when they do. I'm beyond excited to be working the fabulous people over at, and I even got my good friend to be in one of the episodes. (Look for her as the tall, hot, brunette in the threesome episode, and if she looks familiar, then I'm guessing you're a fan of Ugly Betty, wink wink).

I shot another wedding this past weekend, and I can honestly say it was one of the best weddings I've ever been to. There was so much love and so little stress at this wedding...and when that comes together, the result is just beautiful. I'm loving taking photographs right now, maybe because the heat is dying down a little and I'm an outdoor photo kind of girl, or maybe it's because photographs make me nostalgic, and autumn does too. Whatever it is, I'm hoping to step it up three or four notches with the amount of photos I take, especially on the hikes and walks I go on. Then again, with parts of California on fire, including my beloved Angeles National Forest... I might just be taking photos of my cat for the next month or so.

So my national commercial for Zales jewelry should be airing probably in the next week or so -- it's fairly sentimental, and I'm pretty sure they're going to air it for the holidays, and we all know that the "holidays" officially start the day after Halloween. It's titled "Different Ways," and it's a really beautiful commercial of people telling each other in different ways that they love each other -- and I play a bride using American Sign Language to tell my groom on my wedding day that I love him. It's such a beautiful scene that I actually started crying in the audition and I was fairly sure I bombed it. I loved every aspect of shooting that commercial (even the part where they thought they'd have to pierce my ears on set, yikes) and I hope you guys enjoy seeing it on TV and, if the rumors prove true, in some movie theaters.

I am going to try to do better at posting more than once every couple months, and keep you guys updated about new projects and new work, but honestly, bare in mind that this blog will probably also end up being my new home for completely random thoughts, Top 10 Lists, music and movie reviews, and general blabbing about my so-called life. It's not really that interesting, but it sure is...random. :)


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Kristin said...

You're learning French??? Geez girl. I tried for a month to nail just a French accent and it came out a mixture of Italian, British and Hispanic.

Yay for Tracy!! This is great... and you have a lot going on right now. I look forward to reading future posts and looking out for your commercial. We are going to ROCK it in New York!

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