Monday, September 28, 2009

gratitude- and a really big YAY!!

K, so I realized shortly after publishing my slightly-longer-than-necessary autobiography that I forgot to include two important things:

a) if I were in charge of the world I also would have gone back in time and adopted out Adolf Hitler to a lovely hippie Canadian family; and

b) I don't take a single second of my life thus far for granted. Every moment, every memory, good or bad, has all lead up to me becoming the person I am today, and I wouldn't change any of that for the world. So I apologize if I came across as bragging or that I didn't appreciate how lucky and blessed I feel I've been, because not a day goes by that I don't appreciate all the friends I've made, all the adventures I've been on, and all the adversity in my life that has made me stronger.

Just wanted to clear that up :)

Also, two more notes of gratitude (the last one with an added large helping of HELL YEAH!) that I neglected to mention earlier:

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to Dionne over at City of Dionne for hosting a fantastic giveaway that I won! If you guys haven't checked out Dionne's blog, it's about twelves shades of adorable - Dionne does all her own illustrations and photographs for her blog topics, hosts incredibly awesome giveaways (like the one I won - a delightful little peacock teacup in my favorite color, how cute is that??) and is an all-around generally freakin' cool girl.

So Dionne, I'm sorry that my gratitude is a little belated, but thank you so much for your generosity, kindness, unfailing support of other bloggers, and very sweet comments. You officially rock (not that we didn't already know that).

and finally, I am so excited to tell you guys:

The web-series I'm in, Hell Froze Over, won its first award at its very first festival!!!!!

Yup, this weekend HFO premiered at the New York Television Festival with over 50 other applicants, and we won the Outside the Box Award!! (how more appropriate can you get?)

We are so excited that all the hard work for Season One of Hell Froze Over paid off at the festival, so keep your fingers crossed that this means people will be interested in financing a second season of the show :)



Gwen said...

Congrats on the win and the award!!! That doesn't surprise me that you all won for HFO!!! I had to show it to my husband because I liked it so much!!! XOXO

Dionne said...

You certainly didn't sound like you were bragging in your last post, so don't worry about that! You just sounded like you were thankful for your awesome life so far!

Thanks for the mention, you are so sweet! I am so glad that picked your name, you know you are one of my favorites :).

And that is FREAKING AWESOME that you won an award for your web series. You already know that I think it's the bee's knees. Utterly hilarious and original and fun. Congrats, you totally deserve it!

drollgirl said...

congratulations!!! this is MAJOR!!!! and i sure wish i could see it! how do i see it? i am sorry if that is a moronic question!

drollgirl said...

it is me, the moron. doy. i clicked the link. now i am going to view it!!!!

Iva Messy said...

Congratulations!! THAT IS AWESOME!! must gooo watch now!! :)

drollgirl said...

ok, i watched it. and I LOVED IT! hilarious! and you did such a great job!

and i don't think i can face dating for a long time!

and the scratching part was HORRENDOUS! but very funny!


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

It's nice to read your sense of gratitudes towards life...
I'm also thankful for all the mistakes that I've made along the way as well... vulnerability should be part of our lives I think. Lovely week dear~

Wine and Words said...

That is good news! Cheers, clink, and a drink!

Anonymous said...

That is really great news. Congratulations!

Kristin Quinn said...

"Slightly-longer-than-necessary autobiography"? Never! I would have been happy to read at least 4 pages worth. And two thumbs up for gratitude!!

Congratulations again and I really hope we can all be seeing you in a second season!!

jenn said...

congrats - that is so amazing!!! i can't wait to watch what else you do. :)

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

Hahaha, I can just imagine little baby Hitler with a Canadian Hippie couple... :-)

CONGRATS on the award. I'll keep my fingers crossed for another season!!

Anonymous said...

Good one on gratitude and it helps a lot.

Karim - Mind Power

Deech said...

Congrats on your win! Way to go!

Archana said...

Oooh congratulations! :)

And two thumbs up for being grateful for every little thing (good or bad) that you've come across in life. It so makes life that much more meaningful. :) And you didn't come off as bragging on the last post at all!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award!

Alessandro said...

Congrats on your award and on the blog. Very nice! :)


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