Monday, January 19, 2009

You can't argue with science.

Statistically speaking, there is a 99.999999998% chance that if a) you are working on something that requires a nearby stack of papers to be easily accessible, or b) you have a pile of unfolded, clean laundry (ONLY clean, though, dirty will NOT work) sitting on top of your dryer, you cat will lie on either one of these and turn up its face at you with the most innocuous of expressions.

As if to say, What? You fully expected this, right? Surely you've read the statistics....and you knew that I was a cat when you got me.

Right. I knew you were a cat. I should have seen it coming.


Anonymous said...

"I'm in your laundries, furring your clotheses!" ||
"Mocha, I'm not putting you on lolca-" ||

Jon said...

This is the personal assistant behavior common to cats. He's merely acting as a fuzzy paperweight and, in his own mind perhaps, a muse.

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