Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a picture speaks a thousand words

Since I bombarded you guys with way too many ideas and words for the past two weeks, I thought I'd bombard you with pictures for this post.

A couple weeks ago I posted the first half of my Instagram February Photo a Day Challenge photos; today I'm posting the second half. Here's a handy reference guide:

Day 16: Something New - new organic fruit that had just been delivered
to our door, fresh from local farms (farmfreshtoyou.com)

Day 17: Time

Day 18: Drink - (yes, those are Buffy Season 8 glasses. Don't judge.)

Day 19: Something I Hate to Do - I really hate letting adorable
Bernese Mountain Dogs steal away snuggles from my guy.

Day 20: Handwriting

Day 21: A Favorite Photo of Me - photo taken by Lou Noble

Day 22: Where I work

Day 23: My Shoes - cracked cowgirl boots

Day 24: Inside my Medicine Cabinet - I started using this jewelry
organizer to store nail polish, Q-Tips, bobby pins, Chapstick,
eye drops, etc, so it wouldn't clutter up the actual medicine cabinet. So it counts!

Day 25: Green

Day 26: Night

Day 27: Something I Ate - I keep this at my office for a quick afternoon snack

Day 28: Money

Day 29: Something I'm listening to - Pandora rocks. :)

And here's where I promote myself:

A few weeks ago I did an interview with a couple other cast members for KillCam over at FilmRadar.com, so you can read the interview and watch the YouTube footage here. Yes, my voice is that high-pitched. Shut it.

For those interested in a more visual blog by me, I'm on Tumblr here (I know it's confusing that it's Sara in the Sun, I created it for my KillCam character so she'd have an online presence, then realized how much I loved Tumblr). It's 90% pretty pictures and 10% outrage about how much this world sucks sometimes. You can handle that, right?

And I'm on Pinterest here, if you guys want to see what virtual pinboards I've created.

And for my more conservative friends and followers, you will notice that I am decidedly more open with my politically liberal views on Tumblr and some of my Pinterest boards , so if anything offends you, just ignore it and keep loving me anyway. :P (or email me and let's talk about it!)

Much love,


Wine and Words said...

Cool pics Tracy. My son is an instagram aholic. I like Hipstagram. What the hell. It's all fun! LOVE the Labrinth quote!

Anthony Duce said...

This is enjoyable, this glimpse in. liked the photos and knowing all is going well.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Buffy glasses! Those are so cool. I love these shots. Thanks for having us over. :)

Barbara said...

Love your new blog look. It's happy and summery!
(now following you on Pinterest...you ARE active there!!)

Super photos. Nice peek into your life. You must have super control that you can keep that jar of chocolate almonds on your desk and not eat the entire thing.

Red Shoes said...

You are so right about that photo of you... it IS great!!!


Marion said...

Awesome post, Phoenix. You are so ravishingly beautiful. :-) I'm happy to call you friend. xo

Gwen said...

I love that photo of you too!!! And the doggy looks too cuddly for it's own good. LOL!

P.S. Chocolate covered almonds wouldn't last for 5 minutes on my desk. You have willpower!!!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Great pictures! These were before I started following you so I hadn't seen them before! Off to watch your YouTube video :)

Lydia Kang said...

I love your instagrams! That one of you is so beautiful. :)

monster said...

Hooray for fresh organic fruit delivery!!

drollgirl said...

i love your pics!

the one of YOU is SO FAB!!!

now give me that dog. seriously. GIVE ME THAT DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kj said...

this post is so fun, tracy. i love life in photos. of course i'm now intrigued to visit you elsewhere, which i will.

i like the photo of you that you like :^)

don't forget: it's a good year xoxo

Eric W. Trant said...

"I'm not MacGyver!"

"We didn’t have to plant people to ridicule them."

Supersoakers? Really?

Anyway, funny interview, and love the pictures. That second quote's my favorite.

I don't have a big mountain dog like yall to steal my lap. I have some small dogs since our Golden died. The smallest, a Pomeranian, is my lap dog. She's always jumping up there. Sometimes I'll be watching tv, and look down, and think What the--! Because she's in my lap looking at me. I never even felt her jump up.

So I sit on the couch or in my office, by myself, stroking my Pomeranian. She's well-trimmed, because I don't like so much hair.

- Eric

krista said...

i hate that i can't instagram. i feel like i'm missing all the cool stuff.

Robin said...

Cool photos. I like the jewelry box/medicine cabinet. Made me want one. Now I am sitting here in a haze of jealousy. But it will pass... eventually.

Robin said...

I just read someone's comment about the Buffy glasses.. I forgot about those. I really want those. I am not sure that jealousy will pass. You have the coolest stuff.

Thánh Thiện Tâm said...

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Snowbrush said...

Your photos were fun. Yes, that is a great one of you, but you gotta watch those slutty Burmese Mountain Dogs lest they take your man away while you're having your picture made.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Now this has given me an idea - one that will get me blogging more too, lol!

I have near enough the same boots on today that you have in your photo - how great is that!

Okie said...

Great pics. And fun interview. I didn't have (or rather, "make") time/opportunity to watch Killcam. It sounded way intriguing and fun. Quite the experience, I'm sure.

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