Thursday, February 16, 2012

well... that's kinda nifty...

I'm on Sunset Blvd in the heart of Hollywood!

Well, a billboard of me is, at any rate. And I don't mind one bit that I get to share it with Sadie the basset hound.

And since I can't just blog a GPOY post and leave it at that, I'll post some other pictures I've been taking this month. I'm on Instagram (under the very clever and mysterious handle tracyclifton) and there's been a February Photo a Day Challenge that I've been participating in. So enjoy the first half of this month's photos, and I'll show you guys the second half at the end of the month. :)

my view today



a stranger (hey, a dead sheep carcass is pretty strange)

10 AM (don't judge me)




front door


makes me happy

inside my closet




That's all for now, folks... have a great week :)


Miss Sweet Tea said...

So cool that you are on a billboard...I'm tempted to drive down there & check it out in person! I love all the pictures you've taken so far for the photo challenge! Your closet looks so organized...unfortunately, mine does not. Hmm, maybe that's a weekend project for me.

I hope you are enjoying the month of February!!! xoxo

Indigo said...

That's a pretty awesome nifty! I can show friends and say "See that beautiful lady with the basset hound, I knew her when..."

Great collection of pics going here hon. Thank you for your sweet comment on the Pickles post. (Hugs)Indigo

Nick said...

PetSmart today; Vogue tomorrow. Lovely photo.

Marion said...

Ha! How cool is that, to be on a billboard?! I spend so much money at PetSmart, I'm sure I should own at least one store by now. I hope it's the one with your picture on it. :-) Super photos!!! Love & Hugs. xoxo

rosaria said...

Cool! By association, your cool is rubbing on us too!
We've just upped our cool!

Dionne said...

OMG! That is sooooo awesome that you're on a billboard. That is fantastic! Woo hoo!

And I love your Instagram pics. One of these days I am gonna have to get that app.

Red Shoes said...

Re: the billboard... that IS so cool!!

I love your photos... oddly enough, the sheep carcass is my favorite... I wonder what that says about me??

I hope all is going well for you!!!


kj said...

what an awesome post!!!!

congratulations on high visability, and with one of god's (loosely ascribed) favorite creatures.

your self portrait is great, tracy. it made me smile. these photos are wonderful (look at all my complimentary adjectives so far (or are they adverbs?) all well deserved.

i love glimpses.....


JJ said...

Hello my friend. I am sorry I have not been around for a little while. I have once again embarked on a new venture. I will write about it in the future. What a crazy life. In any event, I just wanted to say hello. I am still alive and well, living in St. Augustine.

Wine and Words said...

Hey, my son is going to be going to school on Sunset Blvd and is leaving this friday! I'll tell him to look for you over head! Actually I might be going with him. If you are going to be in the area Fri eve or Sat, shoot me an e-mail. Would love to meet you!

Snowbrush said...

Wow, you done good with that self-portrait. I mean, you not only avoided cutting half of your face off, you even look great!

I loved the picture of the Eiffel Tower on the book cover behind the root beer bottle! Did you plan it that way or just luck out!!!

Two Tigers said...

Hey - cool about the billboard, and the February photos are pretty nifty too! Have a great week.

Heather said...

So awesome!!!!!!

Bathwater said...

Wonderful photos good to see you participating.

drollgirl said...

love the pics! and it is awesome that you/your likeness are on sunset blvd! could you imagine if you were paid per viewing of that pic!? that would be awesome! :)

Okie said...

what a fun set of photos all around. Thanks for sharing your fame and your talent. :)

Denis Verdecia said...

GPOY huh? Please tell me you are on Tumblr!

Dave said...

Your own awesome is that?!!

Jo said...

Oh my gosh, Tracy!!!!! I'll be driving that stretch of Sunset on Friday morning! I CAN'T WAIT to see your billboard!!!!!!!

Ed Pilolla said...

congrats on the billboard. love those images.

Lori ann said...

ooh love all your blog changes! blue skies, grass! and your photo! so cute. and then on a billboard?! oh so awesome. congratulations sweetie!
xxx lori

Juliana said...

Love your pictures. I have missed you1

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