Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let the beauty we love be what we do

November is finally here, and with it comes autumn, Daylight Savings Time (FINALLY), buckets of nostalgia with a side of wistfulness, and for me, a chance to rest in the work I have already done while gearing up for more of it. If October is about grieving, November is about taking stock of what's been accomplished, of what there is to be grateful for, and resting while still in motion.

Don't ask me what December is yet. One thing at a time here, people.

The super top secret horror film that I've been working my ass off for months on has finally come into the public, and I'm so proud of it. You'll follow a group of college students through a psychology program that asks them to cut off all contact from social media for a week, and then asks them to cut themselves off from the rest of the world for a week with ONLY social media connecting them to others.

And then, of course, as it happens with horror... things go terribly, terribly wrong.

The website has several aspects to it - one is the webisodes, presented through YouTube, and one is a live streaming video of the "Kill Room" - where one unlucky participant in the program will find him or herself trapped at the start of each week. So tune in if you're a horror fan, because you'll get to see characters "killed" live - and you never know when my turn is coming. :)

(FYI - this site is Not Safe For Work, has strong language, is meant to be offensive, bloody, frightening, disturbing, blah blah blah words.) Enjoy!

The other thing I'm excited to talk about is that I got to cross a major item off my Bucket List when I was contacted by Comics on Comics to be ON a panel of geekery at the Long Beach Comic Con last week. I think I threw up out of excitement when they asked me, I'm not even kidding. (And apparently they think I'm funny?! Hey, I'll take it!) We discussed the new season of The Walking Dead, DC's new comic book reboot The New 52, Frank Miller's Islamophobic new comic book Holy Terror, and loads of other geeky subjects. This was the first time that anyone had ever said to me, Hey, you seem like a geek, and that's what we WANT. Talk about mind-blowing. And the panel was a blast to be on. I am so grateful.

I'll have more Hell Froze Over Season 2 updates closer to the end of the year - we are shooting in January and February of next year and there is some incredible actors already involved that I'm dying to work with. :)

In the meantime, I've got pictures! of other things I've been up to (because who doesn't love pictures!, right?)

On the set for the film. Yes, I permanently make that face.

I ended up going apple picking twice last month - once with my friends in early October, and another trip up on Halloween weekend to celebrate my mom and aunt's birthdays (they are twins.)

picking raspberries

One of the apple farms.

Pumpkin patch!

One of the apple mills.

Apple cider donuts. Yessssssssss.

I also ate WAY too much candy corn in October. Yummm....

Benni and I also celebrated our own Tim Burton Day, by seeing his exhibit at the LACMA with friends (pictures were not allowed to be taken of his creations, so there's only one picture that's his and the rest is of other exhibits at LACMA) and then we capped off the night by seeing "Nightmare Before Christmas" at the historic El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. It was an excellent day.

"Urban Lights," or, as I call it, the Lamp Forest at LACMA

Benni looks overwhelmed by the size of those dishes.

At the very end of the Tim Burton exhibit.

Various animal heads greeted us outside the Tim Burton exhibit.

And finally: we made it to the movie :)

I hope you had a lovely October, and that your November is just as nice. I will catch you next week!


Indigo said...

First absolutely love the heading to this post. As busy as October was Nov. appears to have arrived with a smile sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Nick Thomas said...

"this site is Not Safe For Work, has strong language, is meant to be offensive, bloody, frightening, disturbing..." Oh, wait, I thought you were talking about Congress.

Elisabeth said...

I'm not so keen on horror movies otherwise I'd be in to the site, even though i know it's just for fun,. I'm already terrified at the thought of it. I can't get into horror at all.

For the rest your post here sounds and looks wonderful and wondrous and I'm glad everything is going so well for you.

Of course you're a geek, if by geek you mean thoughtful and intelligent. It shows in all your posts.

Marion said...

O-M-G, I am so envious about your geekery event. I had to tell Ray, who's a HUGE graphic novel fan, especially of Frank Miller. What an AMAZING October you had, Phoenix!! You're in the thick of life doing what you love---who could ask for more?!! I can't wait to go see your YouTube horror flick. I love to be scared. :-O

The pics are awesome. I'm having a blast living vicariously through you. Keep on truckin', girl. Love you! xoxo

Dionne said...

Oh my goodness, sounds like a lot of exciting stuff! I am not normally a horror-movie fan, but I love everything you do, so I am sure it's awesome. I will have to go to that site over the weekend or next week (I am about to leave for work but saw that you'd posted, so wanted to stop in).

Yes! I will be in cali over the holidays. I will be in touch soon about it! :)

Gwen said...

Missed you tons!!! I'm glad you are enjoying life!! Um...although I am like totally jealous of your Tim Burton display visit. That would have made Ellie's year! XOXO

Jo Schaffer said...

Love the pics!Fall is the best.
Congrats on the new film. We are working on new projects here too! Don't you just love the creative life?
Are you on Facebook? If so... find me and friend me!

Wine and Words said...

"Apparently they think you're funny?" Well that's the most ludicrous statement you've ever made. You're hilarious! Even in geekery!

Look at life so BIG! Applause, Applause!

kj said...

so you are a first rate photographer also?! i love these shots. i thought i owned autumn shots, being from new england, but you've aced them, tracy.

i'm glad to read all about your comings and goings. congrats on the movie. your too too scary photo of yourself left me trembling (not). xoxo

put yourself where you want to be, you wild silly, attractive geek! that's what you're doing, right?


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

You're on a roll--that was a fantastic October. Here's to a great November, too.
Looks like you were in Oak Glen by the pictures. I love that nature walk (besides the apples)

Bathwater said...

Believe it or not my son Max turned me on to the first season of, The Walking Dead.

Can't wait to see your movie. Glad you are enjoying yourself.

JJ said...

Fantastic! So what if you have that obviously scary, mean, horrible face. I don't even post a photo, and I'm happy as hell. I love the horror movie scene. Can't wait to see the flick. You are busy and living life - and that is not frightening. Keep it going.

drollgirl said...

wow! what a month for you!

and i LOVE your pictures! hope you guys enjoyed lacma & the tim burton exhibition!

krista knott said...

november should include a museum here and there for me and the kids. you've inspired me.
you always inspire me.

Eric W. Trant said...

Sweet! Finally got over and saw the youtube link, but I'll have to watch some tonight -- I'm at work right now. LOVE horror. So does my wife. In fact, she's the one who usually suggests we get a horror movie, and I don't think I've ever seen that woman request a chick-flick. Last movie we watched was Priest, if that tells you anything about her, and she picked.

Glad you had a great Oct, hope Nov is just as big, and Fall's momentum carries you into Dec and blasts you right on through to Jan with a magnificent banging at the toll and a surge into the New Year, the year belonging to who else, to you, my dear.

So happy. So proud.

- Eric

The Kid In The Front Row said...

"I had a bad month in September, October scared the hell out of me. I got lonely in November, but December's where I wanna be."

Barbara said...

Oh no! You had to make that face? Your beautiful face all contorted? The things we do for success! :) I'll gather my courage and go look.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my sweet!

Ed Pilolla said...

some pretty fabulous shots.
looking forward to watching things go terribly, terribly wrong:)
you know, i thought about visiting your blog for the last two nights, then i see you in my inbox. neat:)

Robin said...

So much good news here. My favorite part was your excitement on being the panel at Comic Con. Sooo awesome. You are a super hero geek. Or is that geek super hero?

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