Thursday, May 21, 2009

back slowly away from your computer...

...and if you're in Los Angeles, consider getting some fresh air and going to some of these places over the long, beautiful Memorial Day weekend. Also: in keeping with my "affordable" theme, not a single one of these charges over $15 for admission and parking combined.


Do you love butterflies as much as I do? Check out the Pavilion of Wings at the Natural History Museum, tickets are only $3 for adults. I don't even think you can buy MILK for that price anymore. Parking is $5-$8, depending on whether or not you understand the website's explanation better than I do.

Think fast: Where can you find some of the most amazing architecture, art and photography exhibits, a gorgeous garden, and an incredible view of Los Angeles? For no admission cost? The Getty. (N.B.: $10 for parking)

Best. Happy hour idea. Ever. This insanely cool lounge serves FREE grilled cheese sandwiches and soup, with Depression Era prices for Depression Era cocktails, on Friday afternoons from 5-7 PM. Tipping is encouraged, as proceeds go to local food banks and charities. (N.B.: $9 valet parking, dress code is required.)

Holy smokes, Batman! I can't wait to check out this exhibit at the Skirball. Admission is $10 for adults, but everyone gets into the Skirball for free on Thursdays. Parking is also free.

Also, I've heard the Noah's Ark Exhibit at the Skirball is simply incredible -- hundreds of creatures, all hand-made from recycled parts, await to greet you -- and I think you can get into both exhibits for one price. (If you go, let me know if that's true, please.)

Bright lights, big city, huge observatory. Parking and admission are free over at the Griffith Observatory (the view of the city is in itself worth a million bucks) and the Planetarium shows (get there early to buy tickets, because they do sell out) are only $7.

Love photography? Me too. Check out this free photography exhibit while it's still in town.

Have a wonderful weekend, guys!


jasmine said...

thanks for all the brilliant ideas! i'm so glad i live in LA county!! we are tooootally going to the Pavilion of the Wings on the first tuesday in june (admission to the museum is $9 + the $3 admission to the exhibit). the first tuesday of every month is free museum admission though!! wooohooo!

and i LOVE the depression-era happy hour. that's genius!

Phoenix said...

Thanks, Jasmine, for clearing up the admission price for the Pavilion of Wings. Have a great time and let me know how you like it! I'm heading over there in a couple weeks :)

PS. I make my PB&J with both sides having PB on them to make sure the jelly doesn't soak through. And I LOVE extra cold milk with my sandwich.

Anonymous said...

yes it is true that if you visit the Skirball your admission price is good for both the superhero exhibit (open through August 9) and also Noah's Ark, which is permanent. It's a good idea to reserve visits to Noah's Ark in advance, as the gallery has a timed-entry set-up to ensure a the best possibl visitor experience!

Phoenix said...

Ooh, good call! Thanks for the tip about reserving a spot for the Noah's Ark exhibit, and for letting me know that the Skirball entrance fee gets you into both things. You rock.

Carrie, Mommy Adventure Club said...

What a GREAT list... butterfly pavilion is a personal fave. We were there a couple weeks ago, and also saw "Cool Globes", in the rose garden, right next to the Nat Hist meets artistic expression on 6-foot wide spheres. (Tweens and teens will really love it!)
Here's a Twit Pic:

Phoenix said...

Thanks, Carrie! "Cool Globes" is a great idea!

Iva Messy said...

fellow Cali blogger! :0)

Phoenix said...

Hell yeah, Iva! :)

stewbottum said...

This list seriously makes me sad not to live in LA. There's some damn cool stuff on this list. The Skirball exhibits sound awesome! (I see a very possible day trip in my near future next time I'm out in Cali.)

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